If You’re Cranky, It’s Your Own Fault

The pharmaceutical pseudoscience shill site ‘healthline’ recently posted an article with what they call the “science” of being ‘cranky,’ as in the reasons for feeling irritable and annoyed. Science you say? Well, the first rule of “science” is to question everything, especially what is believed by indoctrinated dimwits to be “established science,” so this could be fun. Let’s get on with it.

In their article, ‘healthline’ presents five explanations for being stuck in a bad mood. Let’s break down each five of them.

1. Burning the midnight oil

Some people brag about their ability to function on four or five hours of sleep. But they don’t realize there may be a connection between sleep deprivation and crankiness. Sleep deprivation can also lead to depression and anxiety. These conditions can make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, or they can come as a result of not sleeping enough.”

While this is mostly true, what you need to separate between are those who are dumb enough to force themselves to stay up late and only sleep a few hours, and those who have trouble sleeping. Doing this to yourself is simply stupid and you’ll pay the price after months or years.

Having trouble sleeping is usually due to poor nutrition, poor sleeping hygiene, or simply eating too close to bedtime. Humans are obligate hyper carnivores and if your ‘diet’ is not centered around meat and animal fats, your sleep will eventually take a hit due to nutrition deficiencies and hormonal problems. Getting the right nutrition will also most of the time fix any kind of mental issues, such as anxiety and depression (we’ll get to this later.)

Sleep is how the body recharges and repairs itself. A pattern of sleeping only a few hours a night will build up to sleep deprivation. Not only can you develop depression as a result of sleep deprivation, you can also become more irritable and aggressive toward others.”

Yes, indeed. And more importantly, your body can only recharge, repair, and detoxify if you go to sleep in a fasted state, as in having your last meal at least 4 to 6 hours before you go to bed. And this process will also be compromised if you have nutrition deficiencies, so we’re back to what I wrote above.

Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep a night.
Keep your room at a comfortable temperature, turn off lights, and alleviate sound to improve the quality of your sleep.
Consider using a face mask and earplugs.

It’s not about how many hours you sleep, it’s about the quality of your sleep. Most people will do fine with 6 to 7 hours if their sleep quality is good, as in getting enough REM and Deep sleep. As for their simple suggestions to a better sleep hygiene, I agree. Also remove all electronics and any sources of light.

2. You’re ‘hangry’

Do you forget to eat when you’re busy or preoccupied? You may not be thinking about food, but your brain needs it. The longer you go without food, the crankier you may become.
Skipping meals can cause your blood glucose level to drop, which stimulates your brain to release certain hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.

No! If this happens, you have successfully screwed up your physiology. Humans are meant to only have one or two meals a day, that is what we are constructed for to survive. That is what would be normal in nature. The idea of several meals a day came with the industrial revolution and the food industry wanting to make more money of gullible consumers.
The fact that we can go perfectly without food in scenarios of scarcity or even famine is why we have a perfectly designed fat metabolism — where we can use body fat as fuel and where we can manufacture all the glucose we need through gluconeogenesis, the conversion of fat and protein into glucose.
As long as you have a tiny amount of body fat and has eaten at least a few days ago, you should have all the energy you need. If this were not possible, the human race would have died out a long time ago, and you would not be able to fast. Yet, people have fasted successfully for months, and many has dry fasted (no food, no liquids) for several weeks and felt amazing. I’ve fasted for 11 days myself, and dry fasted for 7 days, and I never felt “hangry.”

It all depends on your metabolism and physiology. If you have abused it with consuming toxic carbohydrates, antinutrients, defense chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides found in plant-based slave foods, you might feel bad without that continuous supply of sugar and toxins that stress your body into alertness through the fight-or-flight response. However, that is your own fault for abusing your body, for not using logic and critical thinking, and simply following the herd and the propaganda from your slave masters.

Adopt our natural way of eating and practice some fasting, and you will never be “hangry.” Actually, you’ll never be hungry or have cravings either, as you will be fully nourished.

Eat five to six balanced meals or snacks a day to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.”

For f**k’s sake, no! The only way to have a healthy and stable “blood sugar level” is by following our natural species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based foods, as in only consuming the fat and protein from animals – as in being in a state of ketosis. This will let you run on our natural fat metabolism where your body will manufacture the exact amount of glucose and ketones needed. Adding glucose from foods, as in carbohydrates, will wreak havoc upon this natural energy production, as I’ve explained in several articles.
And as for meal frequency, two to three meals a day is perfect for most people.  

“Eat more healthy, unprocessed foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.”

No! These are not foods. And always go for the fattiest cuts of meat. Lean meat is okay if you add some extra animal fat or fat from dairy, such as butter or ghee. You need fat for energy!

“Avoid junk food and fast food, which may also contribute to crankiness. These foods may satisfy you, but they have little nutritional benefit.”

Yes, and man-made “vegetables” and man-made “fruits” that are available today, and anything that contain “grains” are junk foods, you dimwits.

3. Caffeine as fuel

There’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee to get your day started, but it’s possible to rely on caffeine a little too much. Even in small doses, caffeine may cause anxiety, which can have a negative impact on your mood. If you drink caffeine regularly, a lack of caffeine can also cause crankiness.”

Actually, if you need a “cup of coffee” or some other caffeinated beverage to get you started, you have a serious health problem! That is not natural. If your body is healthy and in balance, you do not need anything to get “started.” You should always wake up feeling energized.

And as for caffeine, it’s both a stimulant (poison) and stressor. It puts your body in a continuous fight-or-flight response. It does not give you energy, it deprives you of energy. The alertness (and sometimes jittery) you feel is from stress as your body perceives danger. That is not healthy and it will wear you out.

4. It’s ‘that time of the month’

It’s common for women to deal with fluctuating moods. One moment you’re happy and ready to take on the world, and the next moment everything irritates you.”

This only concerns women, and most of the time only women with a screwed-up physiology. Funny enough, every woman I’ve helped to transition to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based foods have reported that such issues “during that time of month” disappeared, as the right nutrition fixed their hormonal imbalances, fixed their response to hormonal fluctuations, and fixed their nutrition deficiencies.

5. Underlying mood disorder

Being cranky and irritable can also indicate a mood disorder such as bipolar disorder or depression. If you can’t pinpoint the reason for your bad mood or find a way to remedy it, it’s possible you have a chemical imbalance in your brain.
Low levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine can have a negative impact on your mood. In addition to feeling cranky, you may lose interest in your favorite activities, isolate yourself, or deal with poor concentration.”

All these so-called “disorders” are from a crappy and toxic diet. Remove all plant-based foods and adopt our natural species-appropriate, species-specific diet, and these issues will fix themselves in a few months or even weeks. It’s that frikkin’ simple!

Also, do not let any charlatan inject you with a toxic shitstorm of heavy metals and chemicals labeled as a “vaccine” or something similar. That is extremely unnatural and insane.

To summarize, healthline did identify some valid points. However, they failed miserable in presenting any valid solutions, as they are trapped in pseudoscience while chilling for Big Pharma, as in lying on purpose.
In most scenarios, “crankiness” simply comes down to bad eating habits and mistreating your body. As for most health problems, the solution is simple. Humans are obligate hyper carnivores. If you ignore this undisputable fact, you will suffer. Get your nutrition in order, and most health problems will disappear.

And if you need help with transitioning to our natural way of eating, with what to eat or how to plan your days, I’m available for both coaching and consulting.

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