Biohacking is Complete Bullshit

Inspired by a post at our community forums over at, about the hydrogen water gimmick, I decided to make a short article about this nonsense called ‘biohacking.’ And be prepared, I will not pull any punches today as a bloody nose might be what is needed to wake some people up from their indoctrination and reversed ‘logic.’

To make it easy, I will define ‘biohacking,’ also known as ‘DIY biology,’ as a futile and arrogant attempt to manipulate (“hack”) your brain and body in order to optimize physical and cognitive performance and longevity, outside the realm of nature and natural means (as in food and sleep.)

Of course, you cannot hack your biology, just as you cannot hack nature. It’s set up the way it is for a reason, in perfect balance. You can only assist your body by giving it what it naturally needs. By doing the opposite, you might at first notice what you think is an improvement, but at what cost? You should always ask the question why something happened — what actually caused the result or sensation you are experiencing.

Dave Asprey, who used to be a “biohacker,” and who created the supplement company Bulletproof with its useless and toxic coffee, once said that biohacking is “the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you so that you have full control over your own biology.”
Funny enough, during his biohacking days with tons of pills, supplements, coffee, green/vegetable powders, and other idiotic things he did, he aged very quickly, turned gray and wrinkly, and looked like utter crap. However, as of the last two years or so, he slowly changed his tune, started to downplay supplements, vegetables, and stimulants, and instead began to mention the importance of animal-based foods, as in meat and animal fat, especially the lifegiving saturated fat and cholesterol, and he now look a lot younger and healthier. Still, Dave is trapped in a hard place, considering that he built his career, his name, his company, and fortune on total disinformation and toxic crap. But with that said, he’s still slowly leaving that behind, so credit where credit is due.

As for other “biohackers,” I’ve mentioned Bryan Johnson in previous articles, and he looks like an old woman on chemo therapy, a complete mess. Unless he does a Dave Asprey, he’ll be dead soon.

As for different approaches among these clueless biohackers, let’s examine a few of the most popular “biohacks,” and why they are a very bad idea.

Pills and supplements

I’ve explained this several times. Man-made synthetic vitamins do not exist in nature. They are bleak copies resembling what “scientists” believe is an “vitamin,” derived from unnatural sources such as plastics. Your body will not recognize it, and they are all inherently toxic and will only do harm. Any kind of plant extract is just as toxic, as they are defense chemicals, and this goes for antioxidants, nootropics and such crap as well. Any noticeable effect is from acute poisoning, from the stress imposed on the body and the release of chemicals to neutralize this poison. You temporarily became more alert and aware of your surroundings because your body perceived danger. You might like that temporarily boost, but it is still a stress response that takes its toll on the body, and it will wear on you, damaging your organs, especially in the long run.

Ice baths and cold therapy

This should be a no-brainer as your stress hormones will go through the roof when you expose yourself to an ice bath or extreme cold, as in idiotic cryotherapy. It’s a shock to the body. That is why it’s very uncomfortable and painful. Your body is telling you that you are hurting yourself. To continue that kind of exposure while experiencing such discomfort is simply a kind of insanity, a mental illness.

One of the reasons why ‘cold therapy’ has become popular among stupid athletes is that it seems to lower inflammation, something they think is bad.
Well, inflammation is the body’s natural response to healing. Inflammation is needed as it assists the healing process. As an athlete, you tear down your body by extreme amounts of exercise, and the result is the rebuilding and repair of tissue, as in inflammation. What do you think happens when you use different methods to lower or even eliminate that inflammation? Yes, the repair and healing processes are tied to the inflammation, so the healing also slows down or stops.
When that happens, you will of course feel better, as in being tricked into believing that you have recovered. The recovery stopped, so the symptoms of recovery, as in muscle soreness and stiffness, disappeared. Problem is, your body and your tissues has not recovered. So, you’re only digging a deeper hole for yourself; setting yourself up for a complete breakdown, likely a severe injury further down the road (as we’ve seen with many athletes, especially in MMA.) Not to mention that this will lead to chronic overtraining and accelerated ageing, as you can actually train even more until the body breaks.

Also, there are several studies that actually has shown all this to be true, if you understand how to interpret them, as they showed that cold water immersion attenuated long term gains in muscle mass and strength, as well as blunted activation of satellite cells. This happened because inflammation was reduced, which is part of the muscle repair process. If you reduce inflammation, the muscle cells will not be able to repair and grow.

Note from feedback on social media:

While some may use cold water immersion and ice baths as a way to mental-, physical-, and spiritual experiences, it’s still a potent stressor to the body. People who use this “therapy” this way, to battle some mental trauma or to “meditate” to achieve different states of consciousness take the negative with the positive. In that sense, it’s just like exercise — a way to feel better through discomfort. Thus, it’s a stressor of many – and as long as your body can recover from that stress, you’re okay, although it will age you a bit quicker. In these scenarios, it’s the accumulated stress that is a problem, and too much stress can break you.
Even if you find it useful in that regard, I would recommend to find another way that is not such a potent stressor to the body.

Intermittent Fasting

I’ve covered this many times. There’s nothing wrong with having a “feeding window” and refraining from eating and snacking all day long. In that sense, ‘intermittent fasting’ is actually a good thing. The problem is that people do it backwards. They extend their fasting in the beginning of the day and have their meals towards the evening, which is the complete opposite of what you should be doing. You should eat all through the day, and then stop eating before the evening, preferable 4 to 6 hours before bed time. By doing this, you have digested your meal when you go to bed and your sleep will not be disturbed by digestion. This is extremely important for quality sleep.

If you eat high quality animal-based food when you want, and how much you want during the day, you will actually be satiated and perfectly happy by the evening and have no desire to eat more. It will be a natural cycle of eating and fasting during the night.

CRISPR, blood transfusions and other injections

As you should know, DNA is a theoretical science. You cannot watch or examine a living cell, much less DNA. It’s simply some destroyed material from a chemically broken-down cell sample. So, injecting yourself with something that some scientist believe, in a theoretical model, can do something is extremely stupid, and most likely very harmful in the long run.
Same with trying to infuse yourself with blood from younger people to fight ageing, as it will be filtered by your body anyway, mostly creating stress since it’s very unnatural.
Also, I covered other useless IV-therapies in my article “Still Got it Backwards: The Truth About Vitamin Drips and IV Therapy.”

As I’m running out of time for this morning, please go to our community at for more on this topic. And as I mentioned in my article “What is Really Most Important for Health?”, Biohacking is all about the total irrelevant 5% that people tend to focus on instead of the basic 95% that will actually give them results, such as our species-appropriate diet of animal-based foods, that of improving sleep, of reducing stress and understanding the psyche, and that of strategic fasting.

Biohacking is just the same old stuff with a different name – it’s medicine/alternative medicine rebranded. And it also distracts from what is really important for health and longevity. It’s simply a part of the transhumanism agenda disguised.

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