Nutrition Basics: How Bad Is It Really?

For some reason, one of the most visited “fitness and health” websites is on the world-wide-web is ‘’ Perhaps it’s because they cover some really silly and irrelevant topics, such as their “how bad is it” series, a series of articles that might appeal to the programmed and dumbed down masses who never thought about ‘nutrition’ until they stumbled upon this atrocious website.

Livestrong’s “how bad is it” series are a part of their “Nutrition Basic” pages, and features short articles where they give their answers (opinions) to really dumb questions such as “How Bad Is It Really to Eat Food After a Bug Landed on It?” or “How Bad Is It Really to Eat Fast Food Every Day?

As I’m a bit pressed on time this morning, just for some laughs, let’s take a quick look at some of these, and I’ll set them straight.

How Bad Is It Really to Take Gummy Vitamins?

Of course, they list the bad things such as added sugars or sweeteners, artificial flavorings, overdosing, and being less “shelf-stable.”

However, all that is completely irrelevant as ALL kind of man-made chemical ‘vitamins,’ be it a form of a ‘gummy’ or in a ‘pill,’ is nothing like what you would find in nature, and absolutely not within a human or animal. All man-made vitamins are totally fake, a hoax, and extremely toxic. I covered this multiple times. So, all man-made vitamins are bad. Do not take them!

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Food After a Bug Landed on It?

For fuck’s sake. First of all, how would you even know if this happened unless you actually saw it while dining? Most likely it happened several thousand times throughout your life and you’re still alive, imagine that!

During my young years, I grew up on a big farm and we had bugs everywhere. No one gave a fuck if a fly, a wasp, a ladybug, or something else landed and walked around on the food. At times we waved it away and then just continued eating. Worrying about incredible stupid stuff like this will make you into a hypochondriac in no time.

And of course, Livestrong fueled this anxiety disorder by going full retard pseudo-science and mentioning “pathogens” such as “bacteria,” “viruses” and “parasites.”
While “viruses” do not even exist and are made up, bacteria and parasites are completely misunderstood and actually very important to our health. You can only get sick by being poisoned, as in actual toxic and poisons, and by mental stressors such as fear and trauma. Read more in my Quick Start archives.

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Fast Food Every Day?

Why the f**k would you even consider such an idiotic thing? Why would you even consume ‘fast food’ or any other man-made chemical shitstorm wrongfully called ‘food’ in the first place? Do you hate yourself that much; that you enjoy damaging your body and shortening your lifespan?

Sure, most people are totally clueless about nutrition and has no idea that humans are obligate hyper carnivores and that we only should consume the flesh and fat of animals and the produce of animals such as eggs. However, even the dumbed down sheeple know that ‘fast food’ is bad for them. There are no excuses for such behavior, not unless you are mentally ill.

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Sugar Before Bed?

Why would you want to eat anything before bed? Digestion always take priority, and while you are digesting, detoxification and healing are put on the backburner, things that should naturally happen during the night when you sleep. And this is why you should never eat before bed. Preferable, your last meal should be 4 to 6 hours before bed, so that you go to sleep in a fasted state.

Here Livestrong actually mentions decreased sleep quality (due to digestion taking place) and increased chronic inflammation, which will always happen from consuming carbohydrates, as high glucose (sugar) levels in the blood is extremely toxic and damaging, hence the release of insulin and shutdown of using fat as fuel. Every time you consume carbohydrates (sugar) your body goes into an emergency mode to remove all that glucose as quickly as possible to minimize the damage (and keeping you from dying.) However, if you continue to eat carbohydrates for years on years, that damage accumulates and inflammation is simply your body’s way of initiating a healing response, to try and repair the damage.

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Standing Up?

Here Livestrong fail to recognize the real problem as they claim that standing will leave less blood for digestion, or that it can lead to overeating because you tend to “chew faster.”
What? Do you go for a second serving because you chew faster while standing up?
No, if you stand up while eating, it’s because you’re “on the go,” you are short on time, and thus you are stressed. And that is the real problem. You should not eat while being stressed, as that will screw up your digestion.

If you’re relaxed and take you time, standing or sitting does not really matter. It’s all about your state of mind.

How Bad Is It Really to Never Replace Your Kitchen Sponge?

Here Livestrong goes the usual pseudo-scientific road of being bacteria alarmists. You should never worry about “germs,” as that is an invented word for “bad” bacteria made by the corrupt medical establishment and Big Pharma.
You only need to clean things as they get visible dirty. Water and some natural soft-soap is all that is needed. And please, do not use retarded things like detergents. Bacteria is essential to life. Trying to eliminate bacteria will make you sick!

And as for the kitchen sponge, just clean it with a few drops of soap and rinse it with hot water after using it. And when it gets worn, just replace it. How hard can it be?

And my time is up. See you all tomorrow.

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