Dangerous Misinformation – This Will Make You Sick!

One of the most visited “health” websites on the Interwebs, ‘Healthline,’ recently posted an article on “6 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Germ-Free This Winter.”

Actually, Healthline Media, who raised $95 million through investment firm Summit Partners in 2016 and was acquired by media company Red Ventures in 2019, is simply an extension of governmental medical propaganda – as in misinformation and representing the pseudo-science of “modern medicine,” something that is anti-health and anti-human.

If you follow the money, Red Ventures who own Healthline and control their content and agenda, is in turn funded by investment firms such as Silver Lake, who in turn is backed by JP Morgan and Citigroup Global, and as you might know, they are controlled by the largest Elitist investment firms and shareholders of Black Rock and Vanguard. All of the large investment firms has shares in each other, with Black Rock and Vanguard being the largest, those in control of all other firms beneath them. I covered this in my old articles ‘Being Diet Aware’ and ‘How the World is Run.’

So, it should not come as a surprise that Healthline published an article on ‘germs’ and ‘viruses’ as winter approaches to keep all the lies and deceit alive among the gullible, conditioned, and dumbed down masses.

Right of the start, Healthline tells us that they’ve partnered with ‘Clorox,’ one of the oldest companies within the cleaning and disinfecting business who acquired HealthLink, a company that manufactured medical equipment, and also Nutranext, a company that manufactures and markets dietary supplements under many different brand names.

Healthline’s main message in the article is to create a “disinfecting routine,” which is alarmingly hazardous to your health.

Do NOT do this! It’s extremely dangerous to your health!

If you read any of my work, or if you studied real biology and are familiar with the terrain, then you know that ‘germs’ per their definition does not exist, as they are said to be “any disease-causing organisms like, bacteria, virus, protozozan, or fungi.

There are no “disease-causing” organisms in nature. Disease comes from within, caused by build-up of toxins, by acute poisoning, or by physical or mental trauma. These organisms, like bacteria, fungi, and parasites are simply a cleaning crew as they live and feed of toxins, damaged, and dying cells. When you have reached the threshold of toxins in a tissue and your body start to detox, the bacteria and fungi multiply in that area to assist in the cleaning and repair process. This process will cause symptoms such as phlegm, a runny nose, a sore throat, skin rashes, fever, and so on. All these various symptoms that can emerge are simply manifestations of the healing process. And while there is a build-up of bacteria, that bacteria did not cause you to become sick, that was your own doing by getting yourself poisoned through a bad diet and too much contact with toxins. The bacteria are there to help. Same thing as the firemen arriving at the scene of a fire. Just because they are at the scene does not mean that they started the fire, actually, they are there to put it out, just as the bacteria within your body.

If you understand this simple and very logical cause-and-effect scenario, then you should also understand why ‘disinfecting’ is extremely bad and damaging to your health. You need to come in contact with bacteria daily to keep a balance in your body and to ensure that you have all kind of bacteria that will be needed in order to properly detox and clean up damaged tissues. If you go around and kill bacteria, including bacteria on your own body, you will severely compromise your ability to detox and repair damaged tissue. Your body will have no other option than to store toxins in your fat tissue, and ultimately, encapsulate it in tissues as tumors, as in developing cancer. I covered this in my article ‘My Take on Cancer, Prevention, and Healing.’
And the most dangerous aspect of disinfecting and living in a ‘sterile environment’ is the illusion of health, as you will likely not go into a detox and experience the symptoms of healing, what the illiterate medical community call ‘disease,’ as your body will not have the resources to detox and heal, so you will continue to accumulate toxins like a garbage heap until things go really bad, as in a major pneumonia, sinusitis, organ disease, or cancer.

Now, this does not mean that you should be covered in dirt and filth and not be cleaning your home. It simply means that you should apply common sense and not use cleaning- or disinfecting products. Simply use a vacuum cleaner and once in a while swab floors and surfaces with natural soap. Do not clean your hands unless visible dirty or when really necessary. Same with showering or taking a bath. It should not be done daily as that will ruin your protective skin oils. I covered all this in my ‘Enjoy the Science: Germs/Bacteria, Essential to Life.’

As you might know, before I discovered the real biology, the biological terrain, and before I became aware that humans are obligate-hyper carnivores and I adopted our natural homo sapiens, species-specific and species-appropriate diet of meat and animal fats, I was “sick” two to four times a year, averaging weeks at a time. However, after adopting this new way of living in early 2018, I have only experienced mild detox symptoms for 8 to 16 hours a few times a year, usually as the seasons shift as we are programmed to. I also healed my life-long asthma and allergies, as well as my tumors and failing organs.
Also, since 2018, I only wash myself if visible dirty or if I attracted a smell from being in contact with something. I never use cleaning products, I never ‘disinfected’ or ‘sanitized’ anything, I only use natural soap and water. According to shills and government agents like Healthline I should be a sick-ridden mess or dead. But I’m not, I’m the exact opposite. However, I was a sick-ridden mess when I lived in that ‘germ illusion’ prior to 2018. Again, you cannot catch a disease. You develop disease from within. Feed you body what it needs and minimize exposure to toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, plastics, and other pollutants, and you will thrive.

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