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The Fasted Cardio Debate

As You probably know, I’ve worked most of my life, or at least 28+ years professionally within the Health-, Fitness-, Gym-, Body Composition-, Sports-, Media- and Professional Athlete Industry, and one of the few websites I still randomly visit is T-Nation, and mostly because my old colleague from the 90’s, Christian Thibadeau, still writes for them on a regular basis. A few days ago, their ‘Chief Content Officer,’ Chris Shugart, published the article “The …

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What Makes You Fat?

This topic has been requested for a while. I already have several articles touching this subject, so this will be a simple breakdown and summary. Let’s start with some uncomfortable truths. Being overweight, or worse, being obese, is not natural, it’s not normal, it’s not something we see in nature with other species unless they are to go into hibernation, prepare for a cold winter, or about to migrate to new grazing/hunting areas. In …

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The Fat Gain Formula

Today we revisit T-Nation and take a look at an article that is actually quite decent, although a bit slanted and shortsighted. The article is called ‘The Insidious Formula for Fat Gain,’ and is written by Jade Teta, a former personal trainer turned “doctor.” As usual, he begins with the ‘calorie’ dogma, stating that eating too many “calories” and “burning” too few will make you gain weight. No, doc. Calories are a measurement of …

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Dry Fasting – The Best way to Fast? Part 2 of 2

In the first part we looked at the differences between a ‘water fast’ and a ‘dry fast,’ and we also looked at autophagy and metabolic pathways. In this part we will continue with going deeper into the body’s ability to manufacture its own endogenous metabolic water and also look at detoxification and how it works. The first part: Body fat turned into water Water makes up 10% of the contents in fat cells while …

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