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More on Erections and Erectile Dysfunction

Today we return to the fitness- and bodybuilding website T-Nation who once again tackled the subject of erections. Last time, it was TC Luoma who shilled for the supplement market with pseudo-science nonsense and fell flat, literally.This time it’s the “Chief Content Officer” Chris Shugart, which means that he is responsible for the brand development, so I guess the topic of erections fits their business model. Anyhow, let’s see what he has to say […]

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You’re Still Completely Wrong About “Weight Loss”

Sima Sistani, CEO of the Freemasonic and health-damaging company WeightWatchers, has of late become well-practiced at saying the three little words of “We were wrong.” That’s a lot of “W’s,” you know, the letter that when flipped counter-clockwise becomes a ‘3,’ symbolic for Freemasonry. Since early October, Sima Sistani has been on the bandwagon of putting the blame on outside and ‘uncontrollable’ factors, just like what the fraudulent “Health Care” industry and the Medical

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Dangerous Misinformation – This Will Make You Sick!

One of the most visited “health” websites on the Interwebs, ‘Healthline,’ recently posted an article on “6 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Germ-Free This Winter.” Actually, Healthline Media, who raised $95 million through investment firm Summit Partners in 2016 and was acquired by media company Red Ventures in 2019, is simply an extension of governmental medical propaganda – as in misinformation and representing the pseudo-science of “modern medicine,” something that is anti-health

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The Real Truth About Protein-Based Diet Strategies

I’m sorry if I’m almost on repeat here. Again, I received some messages about an obvious ‘advertisement-article’ that is, well, just plain wrong on almost all accounts, so it needed to be addressed. And it’s a good opportunity to cover and untangle the subject of protein and dieting as well. If you already know my background, feel free to jump to the main part of the article. I worked in the Gym-, Fitness-, Health-,

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Blood Clots; Dry Fasting Update

Around September 5, I noticed a small redness and some minor itchy-like pain in my lower leg, which as you know turned out to be a small blood clot due to my earlier battle with tumors, being diabetic for a few years, and my congenital sensitivity for PAI-1(PAI-1 form blood clots by blocking the enzyme that keep your blood in a fluid-like state.) So, after preparing with increasing my intake of saturated fats, cholesterol,

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What Makes You Fat?

This topic has been requested for a while. I already have several articles touching this subject, so this will be a simple breakdown and summary. Let’s start with some uncomfortable truths. Being overweight, or worse, being obese, is not natural, it’s not normal, it’s not something we see in nature with other species unless they are to go into hibernation, prepare for a cold winter, or about to migrate to new grazing/hunting areas. In

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The Fat Gain Formula

Today we revisit T-Nation and take a look at an article that is actually quite decent, although a bit slanted and shortsighted. The article is called ‘The Insidious Formula for Fat Gain,’ and is written by Jade Teta, a former personal trainer turned “doctor.” As usual, he begins with the ‘calorie’ dogma, stating that eating too many “calories” and “burning” too few will make you gain weight. No, doc. Calories are a measurement of

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