Elon Musk Boosts the Social Media Hyped ‘Pizzagate’ CIA Psy-Op

Gullible Baby Truthers rejoiced on social media as their false Messiah and elitist puppet Elon Musk, as mainstream media went totally bats, boosted a post on X featuring the retarded ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theory.

As always, the Baby Truthers, often trapped within the elite’s CIA instigated ‘Trump’ and ‘Q-movement,’ fail to recognize the simple concept of opposites; that the mainstream media, the alternate media, and the controlled opposition and gatekeepers, such as Elon Musk, all work together, simply playing roles of ‘opposites’ on the same axis. I explained this in my ‘The World Stage Psy-Ops: The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening’ article.

And even worse, the morons sharing and celebrating the post commented by Elon Musk fail to recognize the extremely obvious, that ‘Pizzagate’ is nothing more than a hoax, a psychological operation created by controlled opposition. It’s completely fabricated, completely fake!
I explained this in detail in my ‘Truther Psy-Ops and Conspiracy Chickenfeed, Part 3.’

In short, ‘Pizzagate’ was a ‘problem-reaction-solution’ psy-op orchestrated by controlled opposition in 2016 to create a problem of Russian ‘fake news,’ to label Right-Wing and Alt-Right people as crazy and dangerous conspiracy theorists, and to condition and desensitize people to pedophilia and satanism. And as a method of problem-reaction-solution, the Pizzagate psy-op worked to increase censorship on Facebook and other social media (the UN’s Infodemic.)
Pizzagate was the first real obvious step, as Hillary Clinton, married to Jesuit Bill Clinton, reacted to Pizzagate as the hoax it was, and then branded the term ‘fake news,’ which gave Facebook an excuse to implement their mind-control police in the shape of “factcheckers.” This laid the foundation for the infodemic and their next phase of the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic where censorship would increase once again. Of course, the CIA-controlled Q– and Qanon opposition revived Pizzagate during the Covid-19 psy-op together with media actors of Fox News and portraying Trump as the savior of children from hidden underground bunkers and tunnels (which of course, also was fabricated lies.)

So, of course mainstream media will call Pizzagate a ‘conspiracy theory’ in a god-cop-bad-cop play with alternative media and controlled opposition, and Baby Truthers will swallow the bait hook, line and sinker because mainstream media attacks it. Textbook reverse psychology, and the gullible Q-tards and Baby Truthers fall for it every single time.

As for the mainstream media’s reaction, they state that, “Elon Musk on Monday boosted the dangerous, years-old “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, just days after being roundly criticized and facing an advertiser exodus following his embrace of an antisemitic conspiracy theory.
In a post Monday, an X user attempted to link the founder of Media Matters — the progressive media watchdog that last week identified ads for major brands running alongside pro-Nazi content on X — to the owner of the “Pizzagate restaurant.” Musk replied: “Weird.” By replying, Musk called the post to the attention of his more than 160 million followers on X.

Well, the post that Musk commented on was not organic or by chance, it was planned and scripted, same as his response – all part of the usual rituals and making Musk appear as an ‘outsider,’ a ‘rebel’ fighting the ‘elites.’

Elon Musk’s scripted birthday is said to be on June 28, and this Pizzagate nonsense happened on November 20, exactly 145 days after his birthday. The media refers to it as the ‘Pizzagate conspiracy theory.’ And Musk is a Freemason, same as his parents who had ties to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory = 145
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite = 145

Counting forward, November 20 was 7 months and 8 days before Musk’s upcoming birthday, as in 78. The Pizzagate psy-op was, according to media and Wikipedia, about an alleged ‘child sex ring’ with the code-word ‘pizza’. In reality, it was all fabricated by the Jesuit Order and played out by the Freemasons of the Scottish Rite and Skull and Bones. And all Freemasonic orders are part of the Jesuit and Catholic Saturn cult, worshipping Saturn, the Sun God.

Pizza = 78
Child Sex Ring = 78
The Jesuit Order = 78
Scottish Rite = 78
Saturn Worship = 78

Of course, counting the end date, it’s 7 months and 9 days, as in 79. And this was all about connecting ‘Media Matters’ to Pizzagate. Media Matters with the double ‘MM’ as in a Freemasonic ‘33’ when flipped clockwise.

Media Matters = 79, 79
Society of Jesus = 79, 79 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

November 20 came with a 38-date numerology, a perfect date for a Masonic ritual involving Elon Musk.

11/20/2023 = (11) + (20) + 2+0+2+3 = 38

Masonic = 38
Elon Musk = 38

The Pizzagate psy-op started on October 30, 2016, with a Twitter account run by the Jesuit CIA posing as a Jewish New York lawyer claiming that the NYPD had discovered a pedophilia ring linked to members of the Democratic Party. From October 30 to this renewal of the Pizzagate psy-op on November 20 is exactly 21 days. Again, the codeword was ‘pizza.’

Pizza = 21, 21
Jesuit = 21

Of course, counting the end date gives us the very Freemasonic 22 days, the Master Builder Number. And 22 days is the same as 3 weeks and 1 day, as in 31. Musk’s reply to the post was simply “weird,” which equals 31 in the most important cipher. That was posted on November 20, as in 11/20, a date with the very simple sum of 31.

November 20 = 11/20 = 11 + 20 = 31

Weird = 31, 31

And if we count from the actual date of October 30, 2016, this ritual on November 20, 2023, came exactly 7 years and 3 weeks after the ‘birthdate’ of the Pizzagate psy-op, as in 73. Remember, the pizza shop was called ‘Comet Ping Pong’ and it was all about Hillary Clinton and her alleged ‘pedophilia ring.’ They were even scripted together in gematria, as they always do it.
Also, that post back in 2016 was from an account posting “pro-Nazi content,” exactly as in the current dispute with Media Matters who claim that X run ads of major brands alongside “pro-Nazi content.”

Pro-Nazi Content = 73, 73
Comet Ping Pong = 73, 73
Hillary Clinton = 73, 73
Pedophilia Ring = 73

You could probably not script this better if you really tried. And that is ultimate proof that it is scripted, all fabricated nonsense to divide and conquer, to keep gullible Baby Truthers chasing crumbs of chickenfeed.

Those who still believe in Q, Trump, Musk, Pizzagate or any similar psy-op by the powers that rule the world stage really need to wake up. You’re all playing right into their hands.

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