Crypto Centralization: Stablecoin USDC Breaks Dollar Peg – And Musk ‘Open to the Idea’ of Buying SVB

The market is in turmoil after “crypto-friendly” Silvergate Bank collapsed shortly followed by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB,) and social media is full of doom-sayers, worried about the money they have in the bank.

Well, while these rituals are a foreshadowing of the ongoing narrative of Crypto needing to be centralized and controlled by governments and world banks, I still think that scenario is years into the future. What we see now is some of the ripple effects building up the crescendo. This is part of the programming and to keep people in fear and guessing, so once they are ready, they will welcome their solution – order out of chaos.

We know that central-bank and government-controlled digital currency is part of Agenda 2030 and that the Crypto of today will be rendered useless, as it’s been part of the conditioning, the test stage.

As for Stablecoin USDC breaking its Dollar peg, it was an obvious Freemasonic ritual as Circle, the firm behind Stablecoin, had exactly a Freemasonic $3.3 billion, as in ’33,’ of its $40 billion USDC reserves at the lender Silicon Valley Bank that collapsed this Friday, March 10.

To add to the Mockery, when publishing this story about the $3.3 billion, media outlets posted an image of the street sign for SVB, which is located at Tasman Drive ‘3003,’ with the numbers ‘3003’ clearly visible, like ’33.’

Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

Of course, ‘Stablecoin USDC’ was created by Freemasons, to be one of the players in this scheme.

Stablecoin USDC = 147, 48
Freemason = 147, 48

To save me some time, please check Joseph Acquaviva’s awesome video below for more on this Stablecoin ritual.

The important message here is that it’s all fabricated, pre-planned, and carried out by the numbers. And they do this to push their agenda, to make people worried about their assets, about unregulated Crypto, and thus by conditioning, getting them to unconsciously accept the idea of a centralized government- and world bank controlled digital currency. It will not be long before the sheep start to withdraw their money from their banks, which simply accelerates the looming bank crash and thus making the money they just withdrawn virtually worthless.

And speaking of fabricated stories, this brings us to the tweet by Elon Musk, replying to Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of computer gaming company Razer, who asked Musk if he wouldn’t be interested in buying SVB and turn it into a digital bank. Musk replied, “I’m open to the idea.”

This, of course, made the headlines, which in itself is 100% proof of it being staged. The involvement of puppet and actor Musk is not a coincidence, as the collapse of SVB happened on March 10, exactly 110 days before Musk’s 52nd birthday, coming this June 28.

Elon Musk = 110

Of course, 110 days is the same as 15 weeks and 5 days, like 155, a very fitting number for yet another Masonic Ritual by the Freemasons.

Masonic Ritual = 155
Freemasons = 155

Also, March 10, when SVB collapsed, was the 69th day of the year and the twitter exchange between Min-Liang Tan and Elon Musk was on March 11, a day with 57-date numerology. So, we have 57 and 69 for these two important dates.

March 11 = 3/11/2023 = 3 + 11 + 20 + 23 = 57

March 10 = 69th day of the year

Elon Reeve Musk = 57, 69

And, of course…

March 10 = 69th day of the year

Elon Reeve Musk = 69
Silicon Valley Bank = 69

And they called it a ‘collapse,’ which makes it a fitting ritual for Elon Musk to be included.

Elon Musk = 29, 43
Collapse = 29, 43

And why was the question raised by Min-Liang Tan? Well, this Singaporean businessman and internet entrepreneur was born on November 5, 1977, making his tweet to Musk on March 11 come exactly 4 months and 6 days after his birthday, like ’46.’ And this was all about going digital, as in digital banking, digital currency and capital.

Digital = 46
Currency = 46
Capital = 46

Of course, counting the end-date, the tweet on Twitter was written on the 4th month and 7th day of his age, as in 47, representing the 47 degrees on the Freemasonic compass, the government and authority. In other words, the endgame of this agenda.

Twitter = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47

And remember the headlines, quoting the phrase “open to the idea.”

Open to the Idea = 137
Government = 137
Authority = 137

Or, as the original tweet said, “I’m open to the idea,” and remember the 47 from above, the degrees on the Freemasonic Square and Compass…

I’m Open to the Idea = 246
Square and Compass = 246 (the logo of the Freemasons, set at 47 degrees)
Catholic Church = 246 (the Pope and The Jesuit Order)

Again, simply a distraction story scripted by the numbers.

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