Twitter Blamed for First Social-Media Fueled ‘Bank Run’ on Pi Day, Leading to SVB Collapse

First we had tons of celebrities dying and mass shootings every day, then we had a couple of balloons for a few days before the shootings resumed, only to be blatantly interrupted by train derailments for a few weeks, and now, the derailments seems to be history as we quickly went into bank collapse season. Isn’t it interesting how they only seem to be able to keep one big psy-op going at a time? When they focused on trains and warehouse fires, shootings virtually stopped, and now when banks are collapsing, the derailments stopped (they are now suing each other instead.) Funny how that works.

Anyway, on March 13th, CNN had an “SVB insider” spilling the beans on their CEO Greg Becker and his ‘absolutely idiotic’ decisions that allegedly led to the bank’s collapse. Yesterday, on March 14th however, they instead blamed Twitter for spreading the panic which, allegedly, led to customers withdrawing a very Jesuit $42 billion in a single day, leaving the bank with $1 billion in negative cash balance. Well, we know all about the significance of the number 42, and it’s a perfect match to the ongoing Jesuit bank rituals.

Saturn = 42 (the Sun God they worship)
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42

Of course, this also ties in with the earlier statement that Elon Musk, the “owner” of Twitter said that he was “open to the idea” of purchasing SVB as Twitter is in need of a digital banking system for Twitter payments.

Remember, the SVB collapse was on March 10, exactly 110 days before Elon Musk’s upcoming June 28 birthday. And now, Twitter is blamed on March 14, exactly 106 days before Musk’s birthday. So, we have 110 and 106 in this ritual involving Elon Musk, a name that of course sums to 110 and reverse into 106.

Elon Musk = 110, 106

And March 14 was also a day known as ‘Pi Day,’ as in 3/14, like “3.14,” and thus very appropriate as a day for tech rituals, as in Twitter. Of course, 106 days until Musk’s birthday is the same thing as 3 months and 14 days. Yes, as in Pi, “3.14.” That is how scripted his birthday is and why he is a figurehead of technology.

And, it was all about the ‘bank’ on Pi Day.

Pi Day = 80, 28, 26
Bank = 80, 28, 26
Musk = 26

As a note, Pi Day was founded by ‘Larry Shaw’ who allegedly worked at the San Francisco science museum for a perfect Freemasonic 33 years, and his name tell us all we need to know.

Larry Shaw = 125, 118, 440, 433, 708, 750
Jesuitism = 125, 118, 440, 433, 708, 750

His real full name was ‘Lawrence N. Shaw.’ And Larry died on August 19, and guess how many months and days his death-date comes after Pi Day? Yep, 5 months and 6 days, like the very Jesuit 56.

Lawrence N. Shaw = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Again, more “news” brought to you all by the numbers.

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