Crypto-Friendly Bank Silvergate Collapses by the Numbers

Crypto-focused lender and Bank Silvergate said this Wednesday, March 8, 2023, that it is winding down operations and will liquidate the bank after being financially pummeled by turmoil in digital assets.

“The problems that faced Silvergate were primarily a result of less-than-adequate risk management, notably one of relying too much on volatile short-term deposits while lending or investing at a longer duration,” Weisberger said. “This is not like the collapse of FTX, where investors lost their deposits, but, rather, an orderly dissolution.”

This might just be another hint to the fact that ‘Crypto’ is ‘trouble,’ unstable, risky and will soon be regulated, potentially outlawed and replaced by government issued crypto currency, and a one world digital currency. Well, that is most likely their plan and we’ve seen several steps taken in that direction.
Also, we know that they control the crypto market just as easily as they control all other markets and the FIAT system.

So, just as with FTX last year, this Silvergate ‘collapse’ was a ritual, all done by the numbers. In other words, it was not real, it was manipulated and/or staged into playing out as it did.

To add to this, Senator Elizabeth Warren, a vocal critic of crypto, weighed in on Twitter shortly after Silvergate’s announcement with the following statement.

“As the bank of choice for crypto, Silvergate Bank’s failure is disappointing, but predictable. I warned of Silvergate’s risky, if not illegal, activity— and identified severe due diligence failures. Now, customers must be made whole & regulators should step up against crypto risk.”

This was news on March 8, a date than can be written as 3/8 or 8/3, like 38 or 83. Since it’s a day with 83-date numerology, the media chose to call it a ‘collapse.’

Collapse = 83

We also had 38 to go with that 83, and the media was very keen on mentioning Warren’s tweet about the risks of crypto.

Warren = 83, 38

Since this is a continuation on the FTX ritual, it happened exactly 118 days after FTX Trading filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11, 2022. And this time it’s all about Silvergate.

Silvergate = 118

The director of digital currency for Silvergate was Benjamin Richman, and the person commenting on Silvergate’s collapse in the media was CoinRoute’s CEO Dave Weisberger, and not by coincidence.

Benjamin Richman = 71
Dave Weisberger = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71

And the connection to Society of Jesus, aka., the Jesuit Order is not surprising as they are the order who control the currency market. And March 8 also came with a 54-date numerology.

3/8/2023 = 3 + 8 + 20 + 23 = 54

Jesuit Order = 54

And they called Silvergate “crypto-friendly” and then had Elizabeth Warren tweet about crypto risk.

Crypto-Friendly = 54
Silvergate = 54
Elizabeth Warren = 54
Crypto Risk = 54

Note that this is partly in the Jewish Agrippa cipher, which is appropriate as Silvergate’s director of digital currency Benjamin Richman is a jew.

Of course, they love to single out groups of ethnicity in their racist rituals, and ‘jew’ is coded into this story making it come full circle. Remember, it’s connected to FTX who filed for Bankcruptcy on 11/11, a date with two 11’s. And Silvergate turned to liquidation on March 8, like 38. Of course, ‘jew’ sums to 38 and reduces to 11. See what they did there?

March 8 = 3/8 = 38
FTX bankrupt on 11/11

Jew = 38, 11

And, what Jesuit ritual, staged by their henchmen the Freemasons, would be finished without their beloved 56? Well, not this one, that’s for sure. The President of Silvergate Bank is Ben Reynolds.

Silvergate Bank = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Masonic Ritual = 56
Ben Reynolds = 56
Freemasons = 56

Expect to see more banks collapsing as they pave the way for their new beast system of bank and government controlled digital currency. And as for crypto currency, be aware of all the shills and scam artists posing as experts on social media, and especially on YouTube. They love to hype certain coins that are on the rise, so they can do a buyout and make a lot of cash before it drops. We recently saw this with Hedera HBAR and GoldSilver featuring Mike Maloney.

If you fear the looming government controlled digital currency, make sure to have stuff at home that actually can be considered real money that can be used for trading. Like silver bullions, ferrocerium rods, multi-tools, knives, axes, stainless exterior torx head screws, drill drivers, steel wire, and stuff that is used for survival and to build things and improve your home and property. And, of course, alcohol like vodka that have hundreds of applications from preservation to wound cleaning.

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