Silicon Valley Bank Collapses by The Numbers After Failing to Raise Capital

In the wake of the Silvergate collapse on March 8, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB Financial) began to collapse on March 9, the 83rd day of the Pope’s age, whereas it officially collapsed on Friday morning, March 10, exactly 83 days after the Pope’s birthday. Remember, SVB began having trouble on the same day that Silvergate collapsed, on Wednesday March 8, like 3/8 or 83 backwards.

Wednesday was March 8, like 3/8, or 83 backwards

Collapse = 83
Market Collapse = 83

As you should know, The Jesuit Order is based upon the Knights Templar, as the Jesuit logo has the Templar’s cross in it. And the Knights Templars were the original war bankers, and as the Jesuit Order expanded and created the Illuminati, they recruited the banking family of the Rothschilds as one of the 13 families. Today, all world banks are connected to the Rothschilds, and indirectly to the Vatican and the Jesuit Order. In other words, the world of crypto, banking and anything ‘big tech’ is completely controlled by the Jesuits. And if you know the code, all this is extremely easy to see. These ‘collapses’ are nothing more than rituals and a foreshadowing of what is to come – bank and government controlled digital currency and ultimately a one world digital currency. All tied to your digital ID, your social credit score, and a universal basic income.

We will see more banks, tech lending firms, and crypto traders ‘collapse’ as the old system is slowly being replaced by their new beast system where they have total control of everything.

Being a Jesuit ritual, the collapse was confirmed on Friday morning, March 10, a date that can be written as 10/3, like 103 – a number associated with the Jesuit Order and its founder Ignatius of Loyola, S.J.

March 10 = 10/3 = 103

Ignatius of Loyola, S.J = 103
Jesuits = 103

103 is the 27th prime number, which is very fitting to the theme.

Money = 103
Ritual = 103

And, of course, March 10 came with a 56-date numerology, the number of the Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order, and also the Pope.

3/10/2023 = 3 + 10 + 20 + 23 = 56

Pope = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

This ‘bank collapse’ of Silicon Valley Bank happened on the 69th day of the year, all by the Catholic Church and their Jesuit Order.

Bank Collapse = 69
Silicon Valley Bank = 69
Catholic Church = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69

Again, they call it a ‘collapse,’ a word that sums to 83, as it happened 83-days after the Pope’s birthday. 83 is the 23rd prime number, and it happened in the year of ’23. And most fittingly, FDIC had to step in. And we decoded ‘money ritual’ earlier, which is the same as ‘capital ritual.’

Collapse = 83, the 23rd prime in the year ‘23

FDIC = 23
Market = 23
Capital = 23, 23
Ritual = 23, 23

And since we are in ’23 and financial times are dire indeed, none of us should be surprised if the Dow Jones index falls below 23,000 during the year.

The media first reported on SVB being in trouble on March 9, as in 3/9, like 39, hinting at another bank collapse. Also, SVB was 39-years old.

39 years old, and ‘144’ days…

Bank Collapse = 39 (again!)

And it finally happened on March 10, and it was all about the bank.

Bank = 10

SVB was founded on October 17, 1983. This collapse on March 10 comes exactly a very Jesuit 144 days after its 39th birthday.

Jesuit Order = 144
The Hidden Hand That Rules The World = 144

If you need more 100% accurate evidence that everything is controlled and played out as rituals, please check Joseph Acquaviva’s video decode below.

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