Pope Francis Allegedly Hospitalized – And the Fake Puffy Jacket AI-Images

Pope Francis recently trended on social media as some fake AI-generated pictures of him surfaced wearing some very ugly clothes, as in an alleged Balenciaga puffy jacket. Funny thing is, some “truthers” shared it and thought it legit, although Francis’ health has been poor for the last year or so, and he’s always in a wheelchair or using a walking stick. Seriously people, one word, ‘discernment.’

Extremely fake and badly made AI-generated images of Pope Francis wearing extremely ugly, puffy, and silly clothes. Any adult with the slightest level of discernment should acknowledge this as fake AF.

And now, a day later, he is said to be hospitalized with a ‘respiratory infection.’ With so much media coverage in only a few days, this has to be one big ritual.

Well, Pope Francis, or ‘Jorge Mario Bergoglio,’ was born on December 17, 1936, and his hospitalization on March 29, comes 102 days after his birthday, as in the Jesuit 201 backwards.

102 is simply 201 backwards, and they do everything in reverse as they are Satanic

The Jesuit Order = 201

102 days is the same as 14 weeks and 4 days, as in the also very Jesuit 144. And he is the first Jesuit pope, and on this day, March 29, he’s been hospitalized.

Hospitalized = 144
Jesuit Order = 144

These 102 days, or 14 weeks and 4 days are the same thing as 3 months and 12 days, like 312. Pope Francis’ real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

is the same as 102 days, as in 201 backwards…

Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 312 and 201

And counting the end-date, he’s hospitalized on the 103rd day of his age while being 86-years old. Also, CNN and other media is very keen on using the term ‘pontiff’ to illustrate his status, as in chief priest, bishop or pope. It’s all in the code though.

currently 86 years old

Jesuits = 103, 86
Pontiff = 103, 86

Wow, all those incredible coincidences, and that’s only from counting from his birthday! And with so perfect numbers, you know that the days remaining until his next birthday is quite perfectly matched as well, as our entire language, and especially their orders, are heavily coded to fit their own Gregorian Calendar. And sure enough, as the ultimate proof of this, there were 263-days remaining until the Pope’s next birthday, and 263 is the 56th prime number, another very Jesuit number representing both their order, the Society of Jesus, and their underlings within Freemasonry. And of course, we’ve seen the number 56 being used in their staged and utterly fake CONvid Plandemic.

Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Masonic Ritual = 56
Freemasons = 56

Also, his papacy began on March 13, 2013, so this hospitalization on March 29 comes 2 weeks and 2 days, as in 22, after the 10-year anniversary of his papacy. 22 is of course the Master Builder number within Freemasonry and it’s also connected to the Jesuits.

Jesuits = 22

And, he was allegedly hospitalized with an “respiratory infection,” a phrase that equals their hoax-code of 119, as in the 11th of September, or 9/11.

Respiratory Infection = 119
Francis = 119
Vatican = 119

This ritual is also connected to Barack Obama and he being the antichrist, as for that decode, I hand it over to my good friend and Obama-expert Joseph Acquaviva. Check his video below!

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