Section of I-95 Highway in Philadelphia Collapsed by the Numbers

According to the official story, a section of the northbound Interstate 95 outside of Philadelphia collapsed after a tanker truck carrying petroleum-based product caught fire underneath the overpass on Sunday morning.

Well, large overpasses do not collapse because of a little fire as it does not get that hot. This is the same bullshit script as we saw with the NYC parking garage collapse in April and the Crimea Bridge allegedly collapsing after a fuel truck “exploded” in October last year. It’s the same we saw a few years back with the wild fires that pulverized houses, melted cars and bridges, but actually avoided trees and lawns. All of it the result of direct energy weapons and your beloved government.

In this particular case, local media reported several explosions that were heard in the area, some stating that manhole covers had been seen exploding. And if it was fuel that ran down the sewers from the tanker and caught fire, that is on ground level, not up on the overpass causing it to collapse. So, that sounds even more orchestrated, as in the sound from placed explosives.

Also, no motorists who were on the I-95 were injured or killed, although the highway that collapsed were supposed to be the busiest in the area with more than 160,000 vehicles daily. That’s 111 vehicles per minute, and even at a Sunday morning, there should have been a few. In other words, that highway was probably closed down only minutes before they acted out their ritual and blew the overpass. Or, if the tanker truck burned for a while before the overpass collapsed, surely traffic would have been halted by all the smoke. But the media does not mention anything about this or even quote any witnesses. Also, how does a tanker truck simply stop perfectly under an overpass and then catches fire? How does it catch fire to begin with? So many questions, not a single satisfying answer supporting the official story. In other words, the tanker truck was parked, put on fire, and then they detonated the overpass.

And if the I-95 collapse was orchestrated by your Freemasonic government, it was all done as a ritual and by the numbers. And a quick look at the story confirms this, absolutely erasing any doubt that it could have been organic, natural or a “terrorist” attack.
Now, Freemasonry allegedly originates from the early stonemasons, from building and engineering (as in bridges and roads,) and the 22nd degree, the second Master Number, is called the Master Builder Number. And this collapse happened on June 11, a day with 22-date numerology.

6/11/23 = 6) + (11) + 2+3 = 22

June 11 is also symbolic, as 11 is the first Master Number. So, we have 11 and 22, the two first Master Numbers, and can you guess how many months and days this happened after governor Josh Shapiro’s birthday? Well, Shapiro was born on June 20, 1973, so June 11 comes 11 months and 22 days after his birthday. So very Freemasonic of them.

Of course, 22 being the Master Builder Number, they claim that the collapse occurred around 6:20 a.m., a timestamp that just happens to sum to 22. Such a coincidence.

6:20 a.m. = 22

The scripted fire on I-95 was allegedly put out at 7:30 a.m.

I-95 = 23, 23, 23
7:30 a.m. = 23, 23, 23

It happened 9 days before governor Shapiro’s next birthday. 9 days is 216 hours, and Shapiro described the scene as “remarkable devastation.”

Remarkable Devastation = 216

Of course, 6x6x6 = 216. They just love their satanic references.

And they say that the destroyed portion of the highway is “likely the busiest interstate in the commonwealth”

Likely the busiest interstate in the commonwealth = 216

And June 11 came with a full 60-date numerology, which is fitting for a ritual that involves Josh Shapiro, a tanker truck and being the day when the I-95 collapses.

6/1162023 = 6 + 11 + 20 + 23 = 60

Josh Shapiro = 60
Thirty-Three = 60 (the third Master Number in Freemasonry)
Tanker Truck = 60
I-95 Collapses = 60

The mayor of Philadelphia is Jim Kenney, who was born on August 7, 1958. This “remarkable devastation” ritual by the Masons of the ‘Interstate 95 highway’ comes 8 weeks as 1 day before Kenney’s next birthday, as in 81.

Interstate 95 = 81, 81
Collapse = 81, 81
Remarkable Devastation = 81
Highway = 81
Ritual = 81
Masons = 81, 81

The mayor’s full name is James Francis Kenney, and this happened on the 10th month and 5th day of his age, as in 105.

James Francis Kenney = 105
The Freemasonic Order = 105
Order of Illuminati = 105
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 105 (Pope Francis’ birthname)
Remarkable Devastation = 105
Masonry = 105

And as I said, this was all about the Freemasons and on June 11 there was 203 days remaining in the year.

The Freemasons = 203

And as for synchronicity, we have the fire battalion chief Derek Bowmer being quoted by the media during this Masonic ritual in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, all by their sacred number of 56.

Derek Bowmer = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
Freemasons = 56
I-95 Collapse = 56
Pennsylvania = 56

Of course, his name fits with the governor and the city as well. And with the same number, we once again connect the Freemasons to the collapse of the I-91.

Derek Bowmer = 61
Philadelphia = 61
Joshua Shapiro = 61
I-95 Collapse = 61
Freemasons = 61

As said, highway rituals fit perfectly with Masons.

Highway = 81, 486
Ritual = 81, 486
Masons = 81, 486

Especially if you throw in a tanker truck.

Tanker Truck = 155, 43, 141, 930
Freemasons = 155, 43, 141, 930

And the mayor goes by ‘Jim Kenney,’ and this is all about the collapse of I-95.

Jim Kenney = 106
I-95 Collapse = 106

Again, with Freemasons and a tanker truck.

Jim Kenney = 43
Tanker Truck = 43
Freemasons = 43

I could go on, but my time is up for today. This was obviously another attack on the people by their own government, executed as a Freemasonic ritual.

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