Bob Saget dead at 65 in big ritual tied to the 49ers and his vaccine propaganda tweet

On August 9, 2021, Bob Saget wrote a tweet encouraging his followers to take the vaccine, or “visine” to “save eyes” as he put it, in a try to be the forever comedian. Five months later to the day, on January 9, he is reported dead by his family and the media. Dead or retired, this is obviously another freemasonic ritual calculated and brought to you by the Jesuit Order and to gaslight anti-vaxxers. We will se a lot more of this during the year as it is part of the infodemic, the total Internet censorship that is looming.

Note that the fabricated “like count” is at 1,683, as in 1+6+8+3 = 18. And we know that 6+6+6 = 18. They love that symbolism.
He called vaccine for “visine” and lied about it saving lives, when it actually does the opposite.

Visine = 33 (the freemasonic hoax code of 33)
Save Lives = 33

And he was an actor who died on a Sunday.

Actor = 33 (also 21 and 78)
Sunday = 33 (also 21 and 78)

And his joke in his tweet has a numerology of the infamous 56 pandemic code

“Help Save Eyes” = 56

And so does the date of his death…

January Ninth = 56

This little riddle tells me that Bob Saget, the character, was killed, and that the living Robert Saget is retired. But I guess we’ll never know. Let’s continue.

Bob Saget who died at 65 was born in Philadelphia, a city with well-known 65-numerology. Also notice that 65 is the reflection of 56, making a strong connection.

Philadelphia = 65
And Philadelphia was established on October 27, the day leaving 65 days remaining in the year.

He died on January 9, a day with 52-numerology.
January 9, 2022 = (1) + (9) + (20) + (22) = 52
Full House = 52 (the sitcom that made him a “star”)
Fuller House = 52 (the Netflix sequel)
Robert Saget = 52 (Jewish Reduction and Septenary)
“Help Save Eyes” = 52 (his joke in his tweet)
Saget = 52
49ers = 52

Yes, the San Francisco 49ers, who the same day managed to clinch a playoff spot. Sport rituals are very important, as all high-level sport games are rigged by the numbers, and these rituals are often connected with other rituals, especially the death or retirement of “celebrities.”

San Francisco 49ers = 65 (Bob Saget’s age at death)

And he died in a hotel room in Florida.

Florida = 65

Bob’s birthday is on May 17, which is exactly 4 months and 9 days after his death, as in 49, or 49ers.

49 also seems to be a very important clue in this riddle.

Robert Saget = 49 (his real name)
Danny Tanner = 49 (the character he played in Full House)
Auto-Correct = 49 (what he blamed his jokes on in his tweet)
mRNA Vaccine = 49 (what he wanted you to take)
Hotel Room = 49 (where his dead body was allegedly found)
Sixty-Five = 49 (his age at death)
Catholicism = 49 (as in the Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order)

And all in the same cipher, such a coincidence, no?

And as an extra reference to the 49ers, NFL is also ‘49’ in Reverse Ordinal.
Also, he is dead exactly five months after his tweet.

Five Months = 49

And speaking of his character being named Danny Tanner. Do you think it was by coincidence? No, of course not.

Robert Saget = 130, 49, 167… and so on in 9 ciphers
Danny Tanner 130, 49, 167…

He was born on May 17, 1956, and he died 34 weeks after his 65th birthday.

His 65th birthday was on a day with 34-numerology.
5/17/21 = 5 + 1 + 7 + 21 = 34

Sixty-Five = 34 (his age)
Murder = 34 (was he murdered or was it his character?)
49ers = 34 (there we go again)
Sleeves Up = 34 (the silly vaccination campaign, just like his tweet from Aug 9)
Unvaxxed = 34 (the normal people targeted by the above campaigns)

And, to round it off, he died on the day of the 79th Golden Globe Awards.

January Ninth = 79
Murder = 79
Society of Jesus = 79 (the Jesuit Order)

Bob was exactly 787 months old when he died. 787 is the 79th isolated Prime Number. And it’s also the 138th Prime Number. And his birthday on May 17, is the 138th day of the year.

You just can’t make this shit up! So scripted, so planned out. And as I said in my decode of the death of Kim Mi-soo, this is just the beginning. They will sacrifice a lot of low-rated celebrities this year as a ‘tribute’ to their fake and staged coronavirus pandemic that brought on the vaccines, but more importantly, the fake pandemic was the gate to the infodemic and online censorship. It started with targeting people questioning not only the pandemic, but the vaccines and alleged deaths, and that is the route they are now taking, by gaslighting anti-vaxxers and baby-truthers to believe that every death is from the magic potion, the vaccine. This in turn will fuel the ‘necessity’ to step beyond “fact checking” and start censoring and even labeling anti-vaxxers as dangerous, as terrorists. I will cover this in more depth in coming articles if my prediction pans out.

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