Bob Saget Allegedly Died of Head Trauma, Family Says 32-Days After His Death

Isn’t it a bit strange that they waited 32-days to announce the cause of death? Well, not really, since they are all occult-driven secret society bastards and it is just one big ritual to them.

Bob Saget = 32
He died on January 9 = 1/9/22 = 1 + 9 + 22 = 32

Read my full article and decode of his death here:

Bob Saget dead at 65 in big ritual tied to the 49ers and his vaccine propaganda tweet

Cause of death announce on February 9, as in 2/9 = 29.
Saget = 29

Or ninth of February, as in 9/2, or 92. They said he died from ‘head trauma’ from hitting the ‘back of his head.’

Head Trauma = 92
Back of His Head = 92

Bob was born on May 17, so this news release comes 3-months and 8-days before his birthday, as in 38, the death- and murder number.

Head Trauma = 38
Full House = 38 (the sitcom that made him ‘famous’)
Killing = 38
Murder = 38
Death = 38

They recently made a follow-up on Netflix called ‘Fuller House,’ which just happen to reverse reduce to the famous number 56 (also used in his death.)

Fuller House = 56
Back of his Head = 56
Head Injury = 56
January Ninth = 56 (day of his death)

Head trauma also reverse reduces to 61, which is a match with the date of the announcement, the old sitcom and much more.

Head Trauma = 61
Trauma to the Head = 61
February 9th = 61
Fake Death = 61 (what it probably is)
Full House = 61

Also, ‘head trauma, as in ‘brain trauma’ has a ritualistic theme to it. Especially in sports, but even in entertainment and politics. Remember democrats mocking Donald Trump for a photo of him with signs of a head injury and in the following days he was only seen wearing his cap. That was on September 6, 2019. Exactly 888-days before this announcement of Bob Saget dying from a head trauma. 888-days are 29 months and 4 days, as in 29 + 4 = 33, the Freemasonic number. And February 9, 2022 is 2/9/22 = 2 + 9 + 22 = 33.

They just love to connect their rituals and fabricated stories.

Obviously, this is simply more fabrication by the numbers. My guess? As with the initial story, his character has been killed and he will be back playing another role in a year or two.

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