Elon Musk, the Twitter Rules and the Infodemic

Baby-truthers riding on a wave of false idol worship for Baphomet- and transhumanist-loving puppet Elon Musk celebrated the arrival of “free speech” to the platform for weeks after the Twitter take over. Although Musk brought back the Zionist-loving Jesuit puppet and comedian-actor Donald Trump and his side-kick Ye (Kanye West,) and another slimy puppet and controlled opposition in Jordan Peterson, he ruled out the return of the actor and current fall-guy, Alex Jones – stating that he had no mercy for “conspiracy theorists” profiting of the alleged “deaths” of children (the staged and totally fake Sandy Hook shooting.)
In other words, world stage puppet and actor Elon Musk defends the staged and fake shootings, the Freemasonic operations within the corrupt Government.

Considering how blatant fake most of these shootings are with embarrassingly bad crisis actors, symbolism everywhere, and performed all by the numbers to such a degree that it’s more likely to win the lottery 100-times in a row than that every single date, number and name would be coincidences – all these events should be considered fake until proven otherwise. If the media was real and honest, every one of these events should be investigated with the first question being; did this really happen?

Now, looking at the Twitter Rules page, we are met with this section:

Denying mass casualty events took place
We prohibit content that denies that mass murder or other mass casualty events took place, where we can verify that the event occured, and when the content is shared with abusive intent. This may include references to such an event as a “hoax” or claims that victims or survivors are fake or “actors.” It includes, but is not limited to, events like the Holocaust, school shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.

So much for free speech and exposing the lies and deceit of the media and the government (and the people behind them.) You’re not allowed to point out the obvious fakery and Crisis Actors in any kind of “shooting” or silly “terrorist attack,” nor are you allowed to question the very flaky narrative of the ‘holocaust,’ or show how they manipulate the weather by admitted weather manipulation technology (first used in 1952 by the RAF Rainmakers) to inflict “natural disasters.”

Yes, that is Musk’s Twitter for you little baby-truther – all in alignment with their infodemic and Agenda 2030. If you support Musk, you support this extremist censorship of “mind viruses,” as in ‘dangerous misinformation,’ and their looming plan to label anyone who disagrees with their ‘truth’ as a terrorist. And let’s not forget that Musk is working on X, the everything app, based on the totalitarian social credit score system already in use in China via Musk’s favorite app WeChat.

Well, I for one will not stop exposing the lies and deceit. If Twitter bans me one day, so be it. I hardly use that worthless platform anyway. This website will remain, and so will our own uncensored community at Ungovernable.se.

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