The ”Shooter” at the 33-Ritual Buffalo Grocery Store Pleads Guilty on the Day leaving 33-Days in the Year

If you remember, the utterly fake shooting that was staged on May 14th this year was extremely coded with the Freemasonic number of ’33.’ It was staged exactly 33-days after another fake shooting which took place on April 12 in the Brooklyn Subway Station where the alleged shooter Frank R. James fired 33 rounds. That Frank R. James was pointed out as a crazy black man and the fake shooting at the Buffalo Grocery Store 33-days later was said to be “racially motivated.” 33 days is the same as 1 month and 3 days, like 13, the alleged number of families within the Illuminati, as represented on the 13-brick layered pyramid on the dollar bill. And of course, 13 people were shot at that Buffalo Grocery Store.

And now, this crisis actor playing the “gunman” pleaded guilty to state charges of ‘domestic terrorism’ as a ‘hate crime,’ ‘murder’ and ‘attempted murder’ on November 28, the day leaving 33-days remaining in the year. Remember, this staged shooting in Buffalo, New York, was allegedly ‘racially motivated,’ playing on their race war agenda.

Race War = 33
Police = 33
False Flag = 33
Masonry = 33
Federal = 33
Order = 33
New York = 33

The Buffalo Supermarket shooting was staged on May 14, and the crisis actor called ‘Payton S. Gendron’ pleaded guilty for ‘hate crime’ exactly 199-days later. 199 is the 46th prime number.

Buffalo Supermarket = 199, 199
Hate Crime = 46

And yes, he was first charged with ‘hate crime’ on June 15, the day leaving 199-days remaining in the year, and the day that came 33-days after the staged shooting. Come on, now! That every date surrounding this fake shooting and the trial is coded with the exact same numbers are simply impossible coincidences. This is 100% scripted by the numbers, and thus a deliberate hoax.

Since they filed charge of hate crime on June 15, the plea on November 28 comes 166-days later, which is fitting, as June 15 was the 166th day of the year. See how well they play with their numbers? But it’s still just coincidences, right?

As for the number 166, it is the sum of “Secret Societies,” a collective name for such brotherhoods as the Freemasons, who are behind this ritual. Another frequent phrase that sums to ‘166’ is “Annuit Coeptis,” one of two mottos on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, as found on the one-dollar bill. You know, the wording above the “all-seeing eye” (the Eye of Providence) of the Illuminati at the top of the 13-layered pyramid, symbolizing the 13 families which everything is built upon.

Now, the Latin phrase of “Annuit Coeptis” translates to “He/She favors (or “has favored”) [our] undertakings. And that is how they see these staged and fake events – as an ‘favored undertaking,’ as they see these staged events as a necessity for ‘the greater good,’ as in keeping people in fear and to control them by laws and deception, to further their agenda (which they believe is for the better of mankind.)

And speaking of staged and fake events to further their surveillance laws and New World Order agenda, one of their biggest staged events was 9/11, or when spelled out, “September Eleven,” which sums to 166 (same as ‘Twin Towers.’) They love to pay tribute to that event.

Secret Society = 166
Annuit Coeptis = 166

* September Eleven = 166
* Twin Towers = 166

And, of course, this plea came on November 28, as in 11/28 or 1128, the 47th triangular number. 47, the number associated with Freemasonry and the Government, virtually the same thing.

Judge = 47
Racist = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
News = 47

To sum it up, this fake shooting was scripted all the way, and by virtually the same numbers. They’re surely having a laugh.

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