The Infodemic Sacrifices: Eric Fleishman and Clarence Gilyard Dead by the Numbers

Again, we have multiple reports of dead semi-celebrities in one day. As I’ve mentioned, this is almost daily now and it’s impossible to keep up. Luckily, there’s a lot of competent decoders and real truth-seekers out there exposing these deaths for the rituals they are, all perfectly synced up and executed by the numbers.

Now, many “truthers” credit all these deaths to the “Magic Potion,” “The Hokey Pokey,” “The Clot Shot,” aka., the Covid-19 Vaccine. Mainly because we know that the ‘graphene-vaccine’ is deadly; at least if you get the real deal, and not saline water, which most likely make up 85% of all vaccine vials out there. Yes, I’ve covered the impossible logistics of the vaccine; only 10 to 15 % of all shots contain the real vaccine, the rest is nothing more than salt water.

So, if you know the dangers of the ‘hokey pokey,’ and you know people around you that have fallen severely ill and even died shortly after their shots, it’s very easy to point out every single death reported in the media as a “died suddenly” vaccine death. However, that is reaching only to prove a point, that is poor understanding of the ongoing agenda.

When discussing the latest reported death in Eric Fleishman, a death ritual that was ‘super-coded,’ CNN actually mocked us by saying that he “died suddenly” at his home in Glendale, California on Thanksgiving. My friend Joseph hit the nail on the head with his comment:

“They Are Trolling Us with The Died Suddenly Every day. The Half Woke Truthers Think Every Death Is from The Hokey Pokey.”

Yes, on the point! They want baby-truthers to connect every death reported in the media to ‘died suddenly’ and to the “conspiracy” of the hokey-pokey clot-shot. Their deaths are simply controlled desensitization, they are sacrificed to make sudden deaths appear normal. They do not die from such things. And beyond that, the main reason I can think of is the ongoing censorship by forces such as WHO, UN, WEF and Google; the “infodemic” as they call it. The alleged “pandemic” of disinformation on social media that is threatening the fabrics of society and can end up hurting and even killing people, or so they want us to believe.

I’ve touched on this fact many times. We are in the middle of an information war. Yes, the vaccine is deadly, and it’s a part of the long-term depopulation project for their Vision 2050, but the whole fake pandemic, the silly Covid Unicorn “virus” and the maiming and deadly vaccines, including all the totally harmless shots, are all part of the infodemic and Agenda 2030 – a way to usher in the totalitarian ‘Great Reset’ where everything you say and do is measured by your social credit score.
I can promise you, that since they rolled out the fake pandemic, their hired researchers and their AI-bots have been gathering information and statistics on everything we expose and they are twisting it into an act of terrorism – and they gaslight baby-truthers in the process to share, what they deem, is misinformation. The more people that are shouting about “blood clots” and “died suddenly,” the more ammunition they get for passing new terrorism laws and connecting it all to the looming social credit score system and the Digital ID.

Remember, they define the ‘infodemic’ as false or misleading information that causes confusion and risk-taking behaviors that can harm health and cause mistrust in health authorities. Yeah, that pretty much sums up the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement.

And this, of course, puts us all in a very hard predicament. While we need to expose what they are doing and all the dangers of the vaccines, we should not take their bait, we need to refrain from sharing these ‘deaths’ as a result of the magic potion, as that can easily be debunked. Don’t fall for the gaslighting. Don’t give them any ammunition. Instead, share personal stories and information that can be backed up. And much more importantly, expose the virus lie, the core mother lie that make everything they do possible. If enough people understand that viruses are an impossibility, that they do not exist, everything they have done and are doing will come crumbling down.

As for ‘Eric the Trainer’ and the ‘Walker Texas Ranger’ star Clarence Gilyard, check the excellent decodes below. Both deaths clearly by the numbers and pinned to the death date. That is impossible if they “died suddenly” from the Hokey Pokey. And don’t you find it curious that only semi-celebs and low-ranking athletes are dying in the media? But not that many rich and ‘powerful’ businessmen or high-ranking politicians, especially within the WHO, UN, WEF or other sinister organizations. Nah, they just pretend to “catch” CONvid a couple of times and are fine within a day or two. Maybe they’re not yet expandable, not to such a degree as the ‘entertainers’ of the slave masses?

Actor Clarence Gilyard sacrificed at age 66 in clear number of the beast ritual, November 28, 2022 (Virgil Abloh reminders)

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