More Celebrity Deaths by The Numbers – Power Rangers and Supernatural Actors

It’s almost like clockwork now. A few celebrity deaths put in between the other big hoaxes on the news, like the extremely fake Halloween stampede in Seoul or the staged and fake shooting at the Q Club. It’s actually hard to keep up, but when we do, they are all done by the numbers.

The other day, Jason David Frank, who played the ‘Green’ Power Ranger called Tommy Oliver, allegedly died of suicide at age 49. This happened on November 20, only two days after the ‘Green’ Climate Change COP27 Conference ended on November 18, reminding us of the 22-rays on the COP27 logo and that this alleged ‘suicide’ was a sacrifice ritual.

He played the green ranger.

Green Ranger = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67

He allegedly died on November 20, a day with 73-date numerology.
11/20/2022 = 11 + 20 + 20 + 22 = 73

Sacrifice = 73
Ritual Sacrifice = 73

His name fits with the ritual.

Jason Frank = 62
Sacrifice = 62

He dies at 49-years of age, and the character he played was named Tommy.

Green = 49
Tommy = 49

Also, he began playing the role of Tommy in ’94, the reflection of 49.

Jason David Frank = 94

Jason’s alleged death by suicide came at a span of 78 days from his September 4 birthday.

Dead by Suicide = 78

For a more complete decode, check Joseph’s video below.

Then we have the alleged death of Nicki Lynn Aycox, an actress known for her roles in Supernatural and The X-Files. Nicki allegedly died on November 16th, but it was not reported in the media until November 20 and 21, the same day as the alleged ‘suicide’ by Green Power Ranger Jason Frank.

Nicki was born on May 26, and her alleged death on November 16, came 174 days after her birthday, a number associated with Number of The Beast. That is interesting because she died at the age of only 47, the Freemasonic number that is not only connected to government, but also to the Beast.

Number of the Beast = 174 (she died 174-days after her birthday)
Beast = 47 (she died at 47-years old)
Death Ritual = 47 (what it is)

Obviously, this is yet another satanic sacrifice ritual. And there is of course a reason why her death was not reported until November 21 by CNN, which was 179-days after her birthday.

Nicki Lynn Aycox = 179

Her death on November 16 was on a day with 49-date numerology. And she played the character ‘Meg Masters’ on Supernatural.
11/16/22 = 11 + 16 + 22 = 49

Supernatural = 49
Satanic Ritual = 49 (what it is)
Antichrist = 49 (as in the Beast)
Revelation = 49 (as in the Number of the Beast)
Masters = 49 (as in ‘Meg Masters’)

Remember, Jason died by alleged suicide at the age of 49, and ‘green’ sums to 49. All connected.

Also, November 16, the day of her alleged death, and the day CNN reported on it are both very significant in relation to her birthday on May 26, especially when it comes to their masters, The Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order.

She died 191 days before her next birthday.

Society of Jesus = 191

The media reported her death 187 days before her next birthday.

Society of Jesus = 187

For a more complete decode, check Joseph’s video below.

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