John Clayton, NFL Reporter for ESPN, Dies at Young 67, All by the Numbers

Longtime NFL reporter John Clayton, who was known as “The Professor” because of his encyclopedic knowledge of the game, died Friday, according to both ESPN, where he was an analyst, and Seattle Sports, where he hosted a radio show.

If you understand how the world works, this comes as no surprise as John’s full name had a very fateful gematria of ’73,’ and so did his age of ’67,’ the numbers of sacrifice.

John Travis Clayton = 73, 107
Ritual Sacrifice = 73, 107
Sacrifice = 73

And he was only 67-years young when he died.

Human Sacrifice = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67

67-years = 81
Ritual = 81

Sixty-Seven = 45
Ritual = 45

John was born on May 11th, and died on March 18, which was 311-days after his birthday. 311 is the 64th prime number.

Kill = 64

311 is also the octal (8-base counting) of 201.

The Jesuit Order = 201

He also died on a day leaving 54-days remaining until his 68th birthday.

Human Sacrifice = 54 (what it was)
Jesuit Order = 54 (the order writing the script)

Sixty-Seven = 54 (he was still 67-years old)
ESPN = 54 (he worked for ESPN)
Jesuit Order = 54

John was also a sideline reporter for Seattle Seahawks and he died 187-days after Seattle’s first game of the season at Indianapolis on September 12, 2021.

Society of Jesus = 187

Indianapolis = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

They said he died after “brief illness,” which is commonly used as an excuse in sacrifices.

John Clayton’s Death = 194
Brief Illness = 194

And to sum up the real story…

John Clayton Dead = 45 (he is dead at…)
Sixty-Seven = 45 (67, in a…)
Masonic Ritual = 45 (Masonic Ritual as scripted by the Jesuits)

John Clayton Dead = 195
Masonic Ritual = 195

And the headline at the Jesuit-owned CNN reads as, “Longtime NFL reporter John Clayton, known as ‘The Professor,’ has died at age 67,”

That headline has a gematria of ‘333’ in reverse reduction.

A Blood Sacrifice = 333

And it’s also 61 letters.

John Clayton = 61
The Professor = 61 (what he was called)

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