Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan Dead at 44

If you followed me for a while, you know that 25+ years of my career has been in the fitness and sport industry. I worked with fitness and bodybuilding for a long time, helping and coaching thousands of athletes. I know more than most about the idiotic nutrition and drug use, as well as the training, and no, it’s not something you suddenly die from. Sure, it will strip a few years off your life-span, and you will most likely get over-use injuries that will make your retirement-days a bit uncomfortable, but that is it.

So, again, another famous athlete and bodybuilder dies. Something that was extremely rare before 2021 has now become a regular occurrence. Is it simply the vaccines and/or the overuse of drugs, or was it, as it almost ever is if you’re famous, a ‘kill’ ritual? You decide.

Four weeks before his death, Cedric made a video on his Instagram saying he was experiencing stomach problems and hardly could keep food down.

Now, this is not something you die from, unless it’s the symptoms of being poisoned. If using a ‘hydrochloric acid’ (stomach acid) supplement doesn’t help with digestion, it’s usually the pancreas being affected. A fairly easy fix. And with that being said, Cedric died on April 12, a day with some suspicious numerology considering his birth date. The odds of that are miniscule and is often a clear indicator of the date being planned. Again, you decide.

Cedric died at 44-years old.

Kill = 44
Execution = 44
Killed Off = 44
Ritual Sacrifice = 44

Cedric was born on August 17, 1977, and died on April 12, 2022.
He died 34-weeks on the day after his birthday.
McMillan = 139, the 34th prime number

Death = 34
Murder = 34
Poison = 34
Black = 34

His death comes at a span of 239-days after his birthday. 239 is the 52nd prime number. Keep in mind that Cedric was black, and as most successful black men he might have been a member, or a target of, the Boule Society; the ‘Freemasonic’ society for black people, and they just love athletes and actors. Boule Society is also known as ‘Sigma Pi Phi’ and both names have several matches in gematria for ‘sacrifice’ and ‘sacrifice ritual.’ And that is something you have to do if you want to be famous and successful – a lot of sacrifice, and ultimately your life or your persona.

Boule Society = 52
Rest in Peace = 52 (used for planned killings)

And looking at the key word ‘rest in peace,’ the Boule Society, and Cedric’s full name, we get another incredible match.

Boule Society = 65, 65
Cedric McMillan = 65, 65
Rest in Peace = 65, 65 (again!)

It’s also a span of 7 months and 27-days, as in 727, the 129th prime number.

Cedric McMillan = 129
Blood Ritual = 129

And he died 4 months and 5-days before his 45th birthday, a double 45.

Dead at 44 = 45, 45
Forty-Four = 45, 45
Ritual = 45, 45

And that is the same as 127-days.

Execution = 127
Bavarian Illuminati = 127

Or you could say that it’s a span of 4 months and 6-days, as in 46, which just happen to match the previous decoded words.

Execution = 46
Sacrifice = 46

He died on April 12, the 102nd day of the year. A date-numerology that matches the frequently used racial words associated with ritual killings. And again, the word ‘execution’ pops up, for the fourth time. What are the odds on that? One in ten billion?

Slavery = 102
Nigger = 102
Slaying = 102
Execution = 102

And most news outlets ran with the phrase, “he was ‘Larger Than Life.’”
They also called him ‘Star Bodybuilder.’

Larger Than Life = 136, 816
The Jesuits = 136, 816

Larger Than Life = 73
Sacrifice Ritual = 73
Sacrifice = 73

Larger Than Life = 48
Human Sacrifice = 48

Larger Than Life = 67
Sigma Pi Phi = 67 (The Boule Society)

Larger Than Life = 58
Star Bodybuilder = 58

Star Bodybuilder = 67, 76
Blood Sacrifice = 67, 76
Human Sacrifice = 67, 76

The numbers never lie. But again, you decide what to believe. I just present the facts.

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