The Culling – It has begun; Deaths in Bodybuilding 2021

As you may know, I worked more than 25 years within the Fitness-, Gym- and Bodybuilding industry – mostly as a coach, writer, reporter, photographer, and editor-in-chief for two magazines. In other words, I know bodybuilding, the drugs and the long-term risks. However, until recent years, bodybuilders dying before their time were few and far in between. You had the tragic deaths of Mohammed Benaziza (1992) and Andreas Münzer (1996) when trying to shed water weight by misusing diuretics before competition. Or Rich Piana, 46, who most likely died from a drug overdose back in 2017. And you had Mike Matarazzo who had life-long heart problems and passed away at 48 in 2014.

However, enter 2021 and there has been several premature deaths almost every month. Here’s a short list from those I’ve known or have seen an obituary notice about and checked.

January 2021
Laura Bass, 49

February 2021
Michael Their, 50

March 2021
Andy Haman, 54

April 2021
Jagdish Lad, 34
Mike Horn, 55
Brad Hollibaugh, 54

May 2021
Lawrence Marshall, 58
Senthil Kumaran, 35
Fahaid Zaid Hazzazi

June 2021
Daniel Saxton, 39
Melissa Coates, 50

July 2021
Sophia Graham, 27
Jenny Lynn-Powell, 49
Mike Mitchell, 65

August 2021
John Meadows, 49
Bill “Thunder” Smith, 56
Alina Hatvani Kosinova, 46
Orlando Gallucci
Phil Hernon, 55
Megan Elizabeth, 28
Matt Mendenhall, 51
Sofia Graham, 27

September 2021
Sam Roth, 29
Leon Brown, 74

October 2021
Bob Bonham, 70 (suicide or killed?)
George Peterson, 37
Jennifer Hernandez, 58
Wolfgang Schober, 63
Jake Kazmarek, 28

November 2021
Shawn Rhoden (2018 Mr. Olympia), 46

We know that there are no contagious viruses in nature, that covid is a lie.
We know that bodybuilders and other athletes use just as much drugs as they always have and always will. The only thing that has changed from previous years is the introduction of the depopulation Covid-1984 vaccine.

Among people that I know personally, more than 10 have died unexpectedly shortly after they took one of the shots. Not one single person I know has died from our natural cleaning cycle, what use to be called “the flu” but is now called “Covid-19”. Not one single person.
But now we see athletes and people around us dropping like skittles.

You draw your own conclusions.

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