Breastfeeding babies are dying after mothers got the idiotic, maiming and deadly Covid Vaccine

Something is obviously being transferred. If it kills your baby by being breastfed, what do you think it will do to you in the long run?
And we know that only about 1% of side-effects and deaths get reported. And they try to hide and manipulate the statistics. You people need to wake up!
Again, anyone pushing the vaccines is a war criminal and should be charged as such. Justice will prevail.

I warned about transference by body fluids in this post:…/virus-shedding-from-vaccines-and…/

From my article:

And the talk about spike proteins… Spike proteins does not exist naturally in nature or in our bodies. If biologically engineered, they will not survive outside of a body, as proteins are very fragile. So, if they could mess with you, they need to be transferred to you by bodily fluids. I repeat – they can not exist outside of a body. Breathing the same air will not make you sick! However, sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, and breastfeeding, for example, could transfer both toxins, “spike proteins” and graphene oxide.

Graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide are just atoms thick and long, and one of my theories is that once injected they will act as razor blades, cutting your blood vessels, causing blood clots and internal hemorrhage like bruises and eventually an heart attack. That is why we are starting to see a rise in these side-effects and deaths in athletes, who pump around their blood extremely fast. Same in young people who are more active. So, if the mother got an injection with the vaccine containing graphene hydroxide, it will enter the milk and transfer over to the baby.
Graphene can also bond together, creating structures and we know they are used for making nano-sized antennas.

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