The Aftermath of the Shitty “Died Suddenly” and How it Ties into the Infodemic — Updated

My article from yesterday morning about the psy-op documentary “Died Suddenly” by Stew Peters (Stew-Pet/Stupid) really blew up with more than 8,500 unique views within 24 hours. I wrote that article by request from fellow truth-seekers as they too could see through the deception and the fact that Stew Peters has a shitty track record spreading false information and using unrelated footage to fuel his nonsense.

While I received a lot of positive feedback, praise and re-posts of that article all around the ‘net, including magazine editors asking for permission to print it, there was of course a lot of negative backlashes from baby-truthers still trapped in idol worship and with a hefty dose of ego and Stockholm Syndrome. They simply do not get the larger picture. They are still unable to think outside the box and they sure do not understand the concepts of Controlled Opposition and Psychological Operations.

As I wrote in my article yesterday, this psy-op “documentary” is part of the infodemic, the ongoing censorship and labeling ‘dangerous’ opinions as terrorism. And this morning, hardly by surprise, I woke up with this article in my message inbox from BBC; “They died suddenly – then the anti-vax trolling started.”
Yes, that article is fabricated nonsense using crisis actors to serve their agenda of the infodemic. We’ve already seen this with the ‘Disaster Trolls’ articles, where ‘conspiracy theorists’ allegedly harassed crisis actor survivors of staged and fake mass shootings and terrorist attacks. So, can you see now where this is going?

I’ve touched on this so many times over the last year. The infodemic is about controlling information and what is deemed true and false, hence fact checkers and the like. The next step is to paint a picture of people getting hurt, both mentally and physically, by what they deem is dangerous misinformation – as in these fake harassment stories. This is classic conditioning and it will not be long until speaking out on some “sensitive subjects” will be deemed as hate speech, as an act of terrorism. In a not-too-distant future you will be considered a danger to society, a terrorist, if you question the “settled” (as in fake) science and especially vaccines or any kind of drug or medicine for that matter. This will be tied to the Social Credit Score System. It’s kind of comical as science is actually all about questioning the “settled” science to see if it actually can stand on its legs or not. Everything we believe to be true and settled should still be questioned and challenged.

Now, this fake article over at BBC actually describe the “documentary” Died Suddenly similar to how I described it in my article, because I could easily predict what the sleeping masses would see and think.
They describe it as:

“In an hour and eight minutes of dramatic music and out-of-context news reports, the film tells a fictitious story of a dangerous vaccine killing off swathes of young people – all part of an imagined plot to depopulate the earth.”

Yes, I pointed out the unnecessary out-of-context conspiracies they had in their ‘intro sequence,’ as it sat the tone of a tinfoil-hat conspiracy movie. And again, that was their intention as Controlled Opposition (discrediting by association,) to make it easy to ridicule and attack the whole anti-vaxxer movement.

I also received some hilarious screenshots of people saying that some of the blood clots showed were white and that I didn’t mention this. Actually, I did, in my article about the shilling embalmers and blood clots. I have now added that little section to my article about the “documentary,” since people seem to have a problem reading the linked material. And it’s linked for a reason – to keep the article you’re reading from being a hundred frikkin’ pages long! Additional and expanded information on many subjects are linked to other articles to keep the current article relevant and manageable to read. And as for white blood clots, if you missed it, that condition is caused by anticoagulants (which is used when embalming, duh!)

It should also be noted, that a fake documentary like “Died Suddenly” can be used as a encompassing search engine phrase to effectively replace and remove/censor legitimate search results on the same or similar phrases or key-words. In other words, it will be difficult to find legitimate stories or articles about people who actually died suddenly or got severely injured by vaccines.

I’m sorry if this article is a bit all over the place. I only have about an hour every morning to write, and another 30 minutes to set it up, structure it in WordPress and publish it. I might update it later today if I get time, as there is still much more to talk about concerning Controlled Opposition and the negative impact these controlled ‘fakementaries’ has on the whole community, and especially for us who try to help by exposing lies and deceit. And the most important lie to expose is still the fact that no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist and that the whole ‘germ theory’ is false, a fraud. It’s the mother of lies that allow them to keep us pinned down by the neck.

Quick Update, afternoon November 24

A small addition. It seems like some people have very poor reading skills or simply can’t grasp what these articles actually are about.

It’s not about the terrible side-effects and deaths from vaccines. I have written more than most on that topic and warned people long before the fake plandemic, and it’s very clearly stated in my first article about this Stupider’s “Died Suddenly.” No, these articles are only about the damage this “documentary” does to the community, to our work to expose lies and deceit and the core-lie that is the germ theory and viruses, and the damage to the anti-vax movement by association – and how extremely obvious it all is.

If they actually were serious, they would have done it entirely different. If you do a “documentary” about such a sensitive and “conspiracy-” ridden subject, you do not start off the video with a montage of conspiracy theories and you do not use out-of-context footage, old footage taken before the vaccines, and fake narratives. Nor do you use well-known shills and crisis actors posing as doctors and experts. What you should do is keeping it factual, short and to the point.

Instead, they went full conspiracy-retard with gruesome footage from start to end, or as Dr. Amandha Vollmer puts it, “All I saw was a lot of blood, a lot of gore, and a lot of outrage triggers all to get your cortisol levels up. It’s actually one step down from a snuff film.”

Now, if you have a problem with this, the problem actually lies with you and your ego, your false idol worship and Stockholm Syndrome. In such case, all you care about is being right, pointing fingers and saying “I told you so, the vaccine is a killer,” without caring about the delivery method and the messenger, without caring about what it does to the community and to the ever-growing threat of total censorship.

And thank you Dr. Amandha Vollmer, one of the good doctors who get it.

Mandy also nailed it!

And here’s a good summary of some of the extreme factual errors in the “Died Suddenly” fakementary.

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