Birthrates Drops 9-Months after Mass-Vaccination in Sweden

Here comes another, “we told you so.”
As no surprise, birthrates has dropped drastically in Sweden and there are actually a few who have the guts to report about it, and even connect it with the Covid-19 vaccinations. Not only have impregnation rates declined, as people are getting sterile from the vaccines, but rates of fetal deaths during pregnancy has skyrocketed. And no matter how much in denial you are, there is no other explanation than the Covid-19 vaccine.

Adding to this, we have also seen an extreme raise in cardiovascular disease and sudden deaths due to cardiovascular issues, such as heart attacks and blood clotting. Even some of the sleeping sheep talk about this.

And keep in mind that most of the vaccines during the last staged and fake pandemic were harmless, as they had to be saline water due to impossible logistics and manufacturing rates – as I covered here:

Now, what will be interesting, is to see how the sheep reacts as they are about to stage a second pandemic and there will surely be more vaccines lurking in the shadows, ready to maim, sterilize, and kill people who are gullible (and stupid) enough to take them.

Will we see more people waking up as these news and statistics spread, or will the infamous Stockholm Syndrome kick in and people will yet again line up to be injected with poison?

Read more about the likelihood of a second pandemic here:

The Second Planned-Pandemic is Coming

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