Testosterone and Sexual Abstinence

Today we return to T-Nation and an article on ‘Testosterone and Sexual Abstinence’ that they pretty much got right, well, except for the lame supplement crap they try to pull every single time. Still, this is almost worthy of celebration. So, let’s see what they had to say, and I’ll fill you in as we go along. “Believe it or not, thousands of young men avoid masturbation (and even sex with real-life women) because […]

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Birthrates Drops 9-Months after Mass-Vaccination in Sweden

Here comes another, “we told you so.”As no surprise, birthrates has dropped drastically in Sweden and there are actually a few who have the guts to report about it, and even connect it with the Covid-19 vaccinations. Not only have impregnation rates declined, as people are getting sterile from the vaccines, but rates of fetal deaths during pregnancy has skyrocketed. And no matter how much in denial you are, there is no other explanation

Birthrates Drops 9-Months after Mass-Vaccination in Sweden Read the Full Article »

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