Fluvoxamine and Coronavirus, another Jesuit Ritual

It’s quite simple really. Since no virus or contagion exist, there is nothing that can reduce its alleged effects or symptoms. Instead, they toy with you and make up stories based on their numerology and gematria. Everything is scripted, everything is lies.

They claim that the anti-depressant drug Luvox, which contains Fluvoxamine, may reduce the “clotting effects” of the non-existent virus. Clotting? Yes, that is one of the side-effects from the maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccine. They really try hard to blame the side effects from the death jab on an imaginary disease instead. But why did they use Fluvoxamine for this story? It’s quite obvious, really…

Fluvoxamine = 56, 142, 155
Coronavirus = 56, 142, 155

It’s one of very few drugs that matches up in such a perfect way with the fake and imaginary coronavirus. Three out of four matches on the English Ciphers.
Yes, that is all the “science” they need. And that is why the actual “study” is so laughable if you actually take a few minutes to read it.

And this alleged “study” took place in Brazil, which is no surprise…

Brazil = 94 (the country of origin)
Luvox = 94 (the brand name of the drug in the alleged study)
SARS-Cov-2 = 94 (the fake imaginary CGI-virus that the drug helped against)
Coronavirus Pandemic = 94 (keyword, the theme of the hoax)
Roman Catholic Church = 94 (home of the Jesuit Order, the order writing the script)

Brazil is ‘68’ in English Ordinal, just as the year ’68 when they pretended to discover and made up the family of coronaviruses.
And let us not forget that Brazil was the nation where the pandemic simulation of Event 201 focused on. Wow, just wow! So many coincidences!

The phony study claims:

“Reierson and colleagues gave 741 volunteers with Covid-19 100 mg of fluvoxamine twice a day for 10 days while 756 volunteers got a placebo.
Among the patients who got fluvoxamine, 79 — or about 11% — needed treatment in an ER or hospital room compared to nearly 16% of those given placebos. It was a 5% decrease in absolute risk and a 32% decrease in relative risk.”

756 volunteers. That is (7)56 or 56. The famous ‘56’ pandemic hoax code.
79 people needed treatment. So, 56 and 79, where have we seen that before? Oh, yes…

Society of Jesus = 56, 79 (aka The Jesuit Order)

Obviously yet another fabricated “study” and “news” story – and another sinister way to push more drugs onto the population. Trust me, you do not want to use any kind of anti-depressant drug. If you are depressed or if you have any other symptom that ails you, that is your body telling you that something is not right. You do not treat the symptom; you find out the cause of the symptom and correct it. That is true healing, and not the pseudoscience of Rockefeller’s “Modern” Western Medicine using drugs to dull your senses and slowly kill you.

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