U.S. Talking About a Fourth Covid-19 Shot This Fall

As we entered the Year of the Tiger on February 1st, it’s been somewhat quiet on the topic of the staged and fake pandemic. Countries started to open up again and you had the big satanic rituals in the Super Bowl 56 and the Olympic Games, and of course, the ongoing conflict of Russia and Ukraine, which they ‘intensified’ a bit again, as astrology and numerology fitted that agenda. Just yesterday, they really gave it a lot of attention as Pluto aligns with Capricorn on February 20, and Pluto is largely about power, including struggles between people and countries for domination.

With that being said, we know that they will do this all over again. A new variant, or even a new virus, will soon emerge. Possible as soon as in early March and they will blame the spread on the Olympic Games. Nonetheless, they have been hinting at this. And a few days ago, their puppet Bill Gates was interviewed where he said that the pandemic will be back, possible in the shape of a ‘new pathogen.’

So, it comes at no surprise that they causally talk about a fourth shot for the ‘vulnerable.’ This is done as simple conditioning without raising any ‘alarms.’ And it’s as always done by the numbers.
Notice that they mention the date of the declaration of the fake and staged pandemic in the article. They actually serve us this clue to the decoding on a platter.

The phrasing ‘this fall’ reduces to the Freemasonic ’33,’ and it’s also ‘129’ in Reverse Ordinal. 129 happens to be ‘201’ in Octal (base-8 counting), 201 is the famous Jesuit and pandemic number.

Read more about 201 and the pandemic connection in the link below:

The Fake Pandemic in one Important Number – The Jesuits’ number ‘201’

And now, as for the clue about the declaration. Fall, or autumn, will officially begin on September 22, which will be 132 weeks after the declaration of the pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Vaccine = 132
United States of America = 132
Catholic Church = 132 (home of the Jesuit Order, the order writing the script)

And considering that this is a vaccine story, it’s of course connected to Revelation 13, as in 13:2, where the beast is mentioned. And 666 is the Number of the Beast. This connection is something I’ve mentioned in several articles, and it’s very relevant because ‘vaccination’ is 666 in English Sumerian, the cipher that has a base of 6! And 132 sums to 6 (1+3+2=6.)

Read more about Revelation and vaccines here:

Mandatory Vaccination, WHO and the 666 Code. More on the history of the fake pandemic – Clade X and Event 201

The headline mentions that officials ‘continually’ look at emerging data, where they emphasize ‘continually.’

Continually = 47
Beast = 47 (and the beast had the number of a man, and that number is 666)

This story also broke on February 19, the 50th day of the year. A day with a lot of 47-numerology, as we saw in the fabricated 47-arrests of protesters by the Ottawa Police.

Forty-Seven = 50

Beast is also ‘88’ in Reverse Ordinal, the symbol for history repeating itself, the continuous loop, just as ‘fourth,’ as in a fourth shot, sums to 88. And you can see that they also share 47 and 74 as reflections of each other, numbers that were very important on this day.

And the story can be summarized with 48. 48 is ‘56’ in the Duodecimal system with a base of 12. Early English had a duodecimal counting system – which is why the “teens” start at thirteen, and eleven and twelve have non-derived names. And we know all about the pandemic hoax code 56.

Fourth Shot = 48
Vaccination = 48
This Fall = 48

Again, as you can see, everything they do and put forward as ‘news’ is scripted and calculated by the numbers, using gematria.

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