Small Updates on The Website – Trending Posts

As you might have noticed, I’ve added a ‘Popular’ or ‘Trending’ Post count to the website. This feature is available as a linked page from the menu and also on the sidebar, if you’re reading from a web browser on a larger display.

This feature simply shows the 10 most viewed articles in the last 24 hours. That means that every time you refresh the page or load the Trending Post page, the cut-off period is 24 hours and only unique views within that time-frame is counted and used to make the top 10 list.
Since more and more alternative media websites, truthers, and social media pages links to this website, including older articles, I thought it could be a fun way to find new stuff to read and to see what people are talking about and looking for on the interwebs.

There is also a link in the Articles menu to the 20 most popular articles during the last week.

Other ways to find what you are interested in is of course by navigating the different categories, the archive, or to simply search for what you are looking for. You’ll find these links in the ‘Article’ drop-down menu.

And again, if you want more daily content, and wish to discuss any topic with like-minded individuals, you should consider joining us at the uncensored online community Ungovernable. It’s the one-stop community for those waking up from the fake reality and indoctrination.

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