Cold Weather Ahead in The U.S. as 25- and 52-Numerology is Coming Up!

More weather control warfare for our friends in the United States. The article say that the temperature will drop 10 to 20 degrees below average beginning on Monday. That will be on February 21, the 52nd day of the year!

Then they claim that temperatures will drop further, down to 30 to 40 degrees below normal by Wednesday. And that will be February 23, as in 2/23, or 2 + 23 = 25.

As you know by now, 52 is the reflection of 25, and both are used in extreme weather stories when weather control warfare is used.

For example:

Earth = 52 (earthquakes, volcanos)
Enlil = 52 (Goddess of flooding, heavy rain, flooding)
Flood = 52 (heavy rain, flooding)
Lake of Fire = 52 (symbolic to hell, very warm weather, wild fires)
Warm Front = 52 (very warm weather)
Strong Storm = 52 (destructive storms)
Stormy = 52 (destructive storms)
Hurricane = 52 (hurricane, tsunami, tornadoes)
Snow Showers = 52 (heavy snowfall)

Fire = 25 (forest fires, wild fires)
Earth = 25 (earthquakes, volcanos)
Enlil = 25 (Goddess of flooding, heavy rain, flooding)
Flood = 25 (heavy rain, flooding)
Death = 25 (people dying from the weather warfare)
Grid = 25 (as in power grid)
Tsunami = 25 (hurricane, tsunami, tornadoes)
Climate Change = 250 = 25 (what they blame it all on)

Notice that they start the article with saying that “Old Man Winter” is back. Yes, indeed. And who take orders and execute these events?

Old Man Winter = 148, 58, 68
The Freemasons = 148, 58, 68

And as an extra pun, the headline says “polar plunge.”

Polar Plunge = 56 & 52
52 again, and of course, 56 the very popular event code used for multiple agendas, especially the staged and fake pandemic.
And of course, Society of Jesus, the original name of the Jesuit Order, reduces to 56 in the same cipher.

And they also like the word ‘forced’ as it reduces to the Freemasonic ‘33’ and sums to ‘666’ in Reverse English Sumerian.

With other words, expect to be forced into another manufactured bad situation with regards from the Freemasons within your government and military.

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