February 7: Severe Weather in Texas and Turkey Amid Rescue Efforts

If you know the code, this comes as no surprise. The man-made earthquake in Turkey and Syria was executed on the fifth of February, like 5/2, or 52, the weather and earth warfare number and with strong Satanic numbers. It also happened at a span of 52-days after Pope Francis birthday when counting the end date, and at the exact same time as the Grammy’s aired with the extremely Satanic performance by Sam Smith, sponsored by Evil, and equally Satanic, Pharma-Killer Pfizer.

Of course, on February 7, we had another day with 52-date numerology, which also happened to be 52-days after Pope Francis birthday when excluding the end date. And on this day the rescue actions in Turkey were hampered by severe weather, and at the same time, Texas experienced thunderstorms and damaging winds with warnings of flooding.

February 7, 2023 = 2/7/2023 = 2 + 7 + 20 + 23 = 52

52-days after Pope Francis’ Birthday

also 25, the other weather warfare number and 52 backwards

Pope = 52 (52-days after his birthday)
Devil = 52 (the rituals are Satanic, and so is the Catholic Church)
Earth = 52 (keyword for anything happening on earth, especially earthquakes)
Flood = 52
Enlil = 52 (goddess of flooding)
Strong Storm = 52
Hurricane = 52
Climate Change = 52, 52 (the hoax code word)

Of course, while this severe weather hit Turkey and Syria, the media reported an update on the death count, claiming that 5,200 people had been killed, like 52, as you drop the zeroes in numerology. Remember, even is the event is real and caused by those in power as a ritual, all reported numbers are fake and are simply code, part of the ritual.

The same numbers hold true for Texas as the severe weather hit that part of the US on February 7, a day with 52-date numerology. Fox News also called it a ‘cross-country’ storm, to get the ‘CC’ in there, representing 33 for the Freemasons. And to keep the headlines on point, they simply referred to the area as the ‘south,’ which of course equals 52 and 25, the other weather warfare number and the reflection of 52.

South = 52, 25

February 7 also came with 32-date numerology, summing up what South Texas was experiencing.

2/7/23 = 2 + 7 + 23 = 32

Storm = 32 (strong wind and thunder storms)
Water = 32 (warnings about flooding)
Flooding = 32

We know that they also like to stage these events in synchronization with earlier similar events and with relevant people. This man-made weather warfare also comes at a span of 25 weeks after the anniversary of the August 17 formation of Hurricane Harvey that devastated parts of Texas in 2017. Again, 25 is the second weather warfare number, and 52 backwards.

25 weeks is the same as 175 days. Texas was experiencing thunderstorms.

Thunderstorm = 175
Pope Francis = 175 (52-days after his birthday)

Again, we have man-made severe weather all done by the numbers.

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