Online-Coaching And Education – Animal-Based Nutrition

I’ve coached actively since the early 90’s until my run-in with tumors and organ failure in late 2017. I reversed and healed my illness in record-time during early 2018 by utilizing animal-based nutrition and strategic electrolyte-water and dry-fasting. Since then I’ve been recovering from mental fatigue and oversensitivity to external sensory stimulus, of which writing for this website and my community Ungovernable has been a big part of my recovery – going from two 45-minute sessions a week in 2019 to 4 to 6 hours a day as of now. As the next step I’m now opening up my coaching and consulting services again with limited spots to feel out the terrain and with the hope of expanding within the near future.

For more on my background and history, follow this link:
My Journey and Why I Do What I Do

For now, I will limit my available coaching and educational options to ‘fat loss’ and to adapting and living with our species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based foods (carnivore diet.)

Please note that these are not mere “programs” or “diet plans,” these programs are full-fledged personalized and educational guides teaching you everything you need for your situation and lifestyle spanning up to 35 pages.

Of course, my consulting services are also available for those who are more advanced and/or are working as personal trainers or coaches themselves and need input on specific topics.

Read more below and apply if interested.

Online-Coaching and Education – Animal-Based Nutrition

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