Protein Synthesis: How to Sell More Useless Supplements

Today we return to a short article at T-Nation based on a study from 2017 on whole eggs vs. egg whites as a post-workout meal and its effect on ‘muscle protein synthesis.’ Once upon a time, I have to admit that I was very much into the whole para-workout nutrition thing, as I experimented a lot among both my clients who were willing to try new ideas, and other lifters that I recruited through […]

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Eat This, Not That: Worst of the Worst?

This review was a request by some of my readers. When looking at ranking websites based on traffic provided by Google Analytics, the website “” recently climbed from rank 8 to rank 3 at the beginning of this year with a monthly 11.6 million visitors within the category of “Nutrition Diets and Fitness” in the US. While I’m not sure if this was due to heavy bot-induced traffic brought on by their Freemasonic funding,

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Testosterone Supplement Bollocks

Yesterday, April 29, T Nation posted a new and very distasteful article on increasing Testosterone “naturally” trough supplementation. Let’s see what their editorial staff had to say — as they now avoid any responsibility by withholding the name of the (likely retarded) author/authors. They begin the article by a second sub-headline masked as a very distasteful statement, by posing the question, “Not Ready for the Needle? Boost Testosterone Naturally.” This kind of implies that

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Do This Instead – Meat and Eggs

As Saturnalia, or “Christmas,” approaches with people finding excuses to shovel toxic life-shortening fat-building crap down their pieholes, Chris Shugart of T-Nation is back with a “One Protein Shake a Day for Muscle” bulking-up article for boys and gals who want to be swole without looking like fat pigs. Always with the f**king artificial man-made crappy protein powders and shakes. Jeez. Shugart begins his article with advocating for a “smarter” bulk approach with gaining

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The Real Truth About Protein-Based Diet Strategies

I’m sorry if I’m almost on repeat here. Again, I received some messages about an obvious ‘advertisement-article’ that is, well, just plain wrong on almost all accounts, so it needed to be addressed. And it’s a good opportunity to cover and untangle the subject of protein and dieting as well. If you already know my background, feel free to jump to the main part of the article. I worked in the Gym-, Fitness-, Health-,

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Dieter’s Phobia: Catabolism Explained

As you might know, I worked in the Gym-, Fitness-, Health-, Sports-, Supplement-, and Pharmaceutical Industry as both a Coach/Trainer, Scientist, Educator, Writer/Author, and Editor in Chief for more than 28 years combined. I began coaching in the early 90’s, and I still do. However, I left the industries all together in 2017 when I faced death from tumors and failing organs, and then learned that everything I thought I knew about nutrition, supplements,

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Getting Enough Protein for Building Muscle is Simple

Here we go again. I could not help myself after being made aware of this article by our favorite case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, as in TC Luoma of T-Nation.Yeah, Luoma do shine on occasion with some good stuff, mostly in the humor department. Unfortunately, he’s a corporate shill and either get most things wrong, because he’s totally ignorant of human physiology, or he simply bends the truth to his agenda. Or

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Protein for Body Composition

Let’s take a break from the world-stage theatre in Israel and instead look at another article from Chris Shugart, the ‘Chief Content Officer’ at T-Nation. This time Chris looked at a new “study” where they simply increased the intake of protein by a measly 21 grams for a group of overweight people. To summarize the study, a group of “researchers” gathered up 200 people of overweight or obese men and women from all age

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