Testosterone Supplement Bollocks

Yesterday, April 29, T Nation posted a new and very distasteful article on increasing Testosterone “naturally” trough supplementation. Let’s see what their editorial staff had to say — as they now avoid any responsibility by withholding the name of the (likely retarded) author/authors.

They begin the article by a second sub-headline masked as a very distasteful statement, by posing the question, “Not Ready for the Needle? Boost Testosterone Naturally.”

This kind of implies that their average reader is in need of either Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) or that bodybuilders and fitness athletes, their targeted audience, has to turn to Anabolic Steroid use eventually.
Well, you only need such drugs to be competitive in sports on an elite-level. No need to take them to simply achieve an athletic and muscular physique. That is easily done by progressive resistance training and getting enough of our species-appropriate foods, as in animal fat and animal protein (which will maximize your testosterone levels.)

Then they put up a third sub-headline, this time in an italic font, stating that, “This legal stack helps your body produce more testosterone so you’re stronger, more muscular, and have better erections.”

So, this time they added the word “legal,” amplifying their previous message of their readers gunning for steroids. And, they had to add ‘erections’ to the list. Makes you wonder if male-genitalia-worshipping TC Luoma is back.

Anyhow, let’s continue.

Some men need testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Their bodies just don’t make much T anymore, usually because of aging. These guys are medically diagnosed with hypogonadism.”

Sure, if your lifestyle and diet sucks, this will eventually happen. Most of the time though, it’s easily remedied by simply adhering to our natural human species-appropriate diet rich in animal fat and cholesterol. That will fix most hormone issues and normalize testosterone levels, at least to such a degree that is possible depending on how much previous damage you have done by consuming plant-based garbage and stressed the shit out of your body. So, fixing your life situation and your nutrition should always be the first step before even considering any synthetic hormone replacement scheme.

Other men aren’t hypogonadal. They don’t qualify for doctor-prescribed treatments, but they’re not pumping out testosterone like they used to. T-boosting supplements can work wonders for those men who are marginally deficient because of age, poor sleep, stress, exposure to too many testosterone-lowering chemicals, overtraining, or a not-so-great diet.”

This is the exact same situation as for those who are older, just that these poor fellas have already began to notice the ill-effects of their retarded behavior and lifestyle. And with that said, the same solution applies. Fix your lifestyle, fix your diet. And if your still in your 30’s, 40’, 50’s or even 60’s, you should be able to achieve the testosterone levels of those in their 20’s with simply getting the right species-specific food. Not to mention that following our natural way of eating will heal just about anything else you might suffer from and also remove all that brain fog and tiredness you didn’t even know you had. While getting a boost in testosterone is nice, the real benefit of eating according to your species, according to your physiology, is the extreme mental clearness and improved cognitive abilities (and bring logical thinking and common sense back.) That is something I hear over and over again from my clients and other people who have turned to our natural animal-based or carnivorous diet.

And, unlike actual testosterone replacement, these T-boosting supplements won’t cause your testicles to shrivel up.”

No, likely they won’t at first, but they will do a lot worse damage than that.

The Stack

Lots of men feel the difference using just one of these supplements, but stack all three together and it’s about as close as you can get to TRT.”

Yeah, combine more poisons to get a stronger effect. Really retarded and dangerous advice.

Now, I will not quote the T Nation staff on the ridiculous studies that they have mentioned. Instead, I will simply summarize what is going on, and what they clearly do not understand. Or they might understand, but they will not tell you because they want you to buy their toxic worthless supplements so they can buy themselves a new car and share stories of success at their male-genitalia-worshipping secret societies like the Freemasons and have a good laugh at your behalf.
If you want to see what they say, the article is linked here.

1. Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat Ali)
* It synthesizes testosterone by blocking its aromatization into estrogen.
* It stimulates testosterone production in testicle Leydig cells.”

No, it does not “synthesize” anything. That is an action of your body. Longjack/Tongkat Ali is a toxic plant-extract, which means that it’s processed and also not for human consumption as it is a plant, which means that it is unnatural and absolutely not a “natural” way to boost anything. As it is a toxin, as in a specific ‘defense chemical’ of many thousands found in various plants, it will interfere with your physiology. In this case, this specific defense chemical attacks and stresses the Leydig cells in the testicles, temporarily forcing them to make more testosterone. It also seems to bind to receptors, blocking some of your natural estrogen from binding, thus temporarily favoring a better balance between testosterone and estrogen, something athletes strive for when it comes to body composition and performance. However, while these effects seem desirable at first, they are the effects of poisoning. That also means that your body is taking damage and try to regain balance, hence the increase in testosterone as it is those cells being attacked. So, in the long run, the effect will decrease and then you will be left with damaged testicles and a much lower natural production. Pretty much the same outcome as when using anabolic steroids during a cycle which suppress your natural production. However, after such a cycle your body bounces back after a few weeks. But if you poisoned your body, the damage can take much longer to recover from – and you might not recover at all if your diet and lifestyle sucks. So, in that regard, these “natural” supplements are way worse than using some synthetic hormones on and off.

“2. Forskolin Carbonate”

This is a really toxic defense chemical that can really screw you up, as it attacks your thyroid gland, temporarily increasing your metabolism through increased production of T4 and cAMP. Again, the temporary effects might seem favorable, but they occur because of damage and your body fighting it trying to regain homeostasis. Destroying your thyroid for a few weeks of increased ‘fat burning’ is not really a good bargain.

I had a few clients in the past who asked me for help and feedback when Forskolin just had become popular in the late 90’s and early 2000. They had used it for months and really damaged their metabolism and their hormone levels had plummeted. It took them months to recover. Really dangerous stuff!

And calling these toxic plant-extracts for “natural ways” to increase hormones is laughable. There is nothing natural with humans consuming extracts of plants in amounts that are totally impossible to achieve in nature.

“3. Magnesium and Zinc”

Yes, these minerals will help. And guess what? They are found in abundance and in the right bioavailable format in meat, especially red meat! Imagine that! Simply fix your diet and you will never have to consider a stupid supplement ever.

So, this was yet again a disguised advertisement for their very dangerous and damaging supplements, playing at the insecurities of their readers who all have been told that they can’t achieve a better physique without resorting to anabolic steroid use or other unnatural means to increase their testosterone. What a lot of complete and utter bollocks!
Using synthetic testosterone should be your last resort after you’ve tried everything else. And trying to temporarily force your body to upregulate its hormone production by poisoning it should be totally off the table. That is just f**king retarded!

If you need help or guidance with nutritional plans, health issues, fat loss, and/or transitioning from your current way of eating to our natural species-appropriate, species-specific way of eating, or going fully ‘raw’ carnivore, I’m available for both coaching and consultation.

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