Solein Air Protein — Another Scam Riding on the Climate Change Hoax

The once pillar of the Bodybuilding community back in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, Joe Weider’s Muscle Builder, renamed to ‘Muscle & Fitness,’ is nowadays not even a bleak copy of the original magazine, but more of an politically correct agenda-driven “fitness” magazine to keep people trapped in the backwards accepted pseudo-science of exercise and nutrition. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they recently published an article about Solar Foods’ Protein Powder […]

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The Depression-Fighting Animal Fats

Three days after I published my review of Healthline’s atrocious article on dealing with depression, T-Nation posted an advertisement article on fighting depression with dietary fats, as in fish oil, as in their omega-3 supplements.Are they keeping tabs on what is trending? Likely, as that would be a smart move if you’re trying to sell something. Before we continue, I recommend that you read my article “Do Not Support/Enable Depressed People, Fix the Problem

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Partial Sleep Deprivation and its Effects on Health

Again, we return to T-Nation and one of their latest short and hidden ‘advertisement articles.’ They’ve really been pumping these out lately, with the basic principle of some little “problem” found in some study and then a backwards solution that leads the uninformed reader to buy their supplements. While the latter is complete bollocks, some of the research data can be of interest, at least if interpreted correctly, and that is where yours truly

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Protein Synthesis: How to Sell More Useless Supplements

Today we return to a short article at T-Nation based on a study from 2017 on whole eggs vs. egg whites as a post-workout meal and its effect on ‘muscle protein synthesis.’ Once upon a time, I have to admit that I was very much into the whole para-workout nutrition thing, as I experimented a lot among both my clients who were willing to try new ideas, and other lifters that I recruited through

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Colorectal Cancer is Rising in Young Population due to Modern Diet/Plants

Today we return to Medical News Today, one of the worst disinformation and government/medical shill-websites on the ‘net, where every breaking story is tailored to reinforce their pseudo-scientific lies while furthering their slave-control and single-gender agenda. This time they covered the alarming rise of “colorectal cancer” in the young population. Well, pretty much every “modern disease” is rising all across the board due to our general lifestyle of stress, drugs/medication, supplements, and highly processed

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Simple Food Ranking for Humans

While I do touch on nutrient density and toxicity of different ‘edibles’ in my coaching nutrition guides, the ‘ranking’ of food is one of the most common questions I receive on social media and also in my consulting sessions.It’s typical human programming to want a list and thus being able to “get away” with some bad choices as long as you stick with the good ones most of the time. And sure, it can

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Testosterone Supplement Bollocks

Yesterday, April 29, T Nation posted a new and very distasteful article on increasing Testosterone “naturally” trough supplementation. Let’s see what their editorial staff had to say — as they now avoid any responsibility by withholding the name of the (likely retarded) author/authors. They begin the article by a second sub-headline masked as a very distasteful statement, by posing the question, “Not Ready for the Needle? Boost Testosterone Naturally.” This kind of implies that

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Definitions: Carnivore, Animal-Based, or…?

Before we start, there are some ‘universal truths’ that are not debatable, such as the scientific and physiological fact that humans are obligate hyper carnivores; that we are physiologically built for the consumption of animal fat and animal protein. This also means that anything from the ‘plant kingdom’ is toxic and potentially harmful to us. In addition, plants in general are extremely low on bioavailable nutrients, which means that we as humans have a

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