Colorectal Cancer is Rising in Young Population due to Modern Diet/Plants

Today we return to Medical News Today, one of the worst disinformation and government/medical shill-websites on the ‘net, where every breaking story is tailored to reinforce their pseudo-scientific lies while furthering their slave-control and single-gender agenda.

This time they covered the alarming rise of “colorectal cancer” in the young population. Well, pretty much every “modern disease” is rising all across the board due to our general lifestyle of stress, drugs/medication, supplements, and highly processed plant-based foods.

They begin their article with three concerning bullet points to set the stage.

  • Colorectal cancer is typically diagnosed in adults over 50, but recent studies have shown rising early-onset rates in young adults.
  • A new study reports that colon cancer rates have more than tripled in teens ages 15 to 19 in the past 20 years.
  • Researchers also found increases among children ages 10 to 14 and young adults ages 20 to 24.

After these points, they continue with a lot of statistical data, and all that might very well be true as people have never been unhealthier than they are now – and anyone with half a braincell should be able to figure out why (hint: I mentioned it during the preamble.)

Why is colorectal cancer rising in young people?

While it’s quite obvious, let’s see what they say and what they try to lie about.

“While a family history of colorectal cancer is an unmodifiable risk factor, past studies show there are several modifiable risk factors, including:

  • diet
  • physical activity
  • obesity
  • poor sleep
  • alcohol use
  • tobacco use”

If you by “family history” refer to genetics, that is pure bollocks. If there is a connection of “family history” for a specific “disease,” it’s due to forming the same bad habits, as in consuming the same toxic and worthless food items and so on.
And on that list, physical activity has nothing to do with your intestines, unless you simply lie in your bed all day. And obesity is the result of consuming the wrong food items and that of a high toxic exposure. It’s the food items and the toxins that damages the colon, not the obesity per se.

The fact that people are being diagnosed with colon cancer at a younger age provides us a lot of insight that the clock starts ticking at a young age, Anton Bilchik, MD, PhD, surgical oncologist explained.”

What a complete shill! Any kind of “disease” at a young age is extremely unnatural. Actually, any “disease” at all during your lifespan should be really rare, as it all comes from either malnutrition, poisoning, build-up of toxins causing toxemia, or from stress and/or unresolved mental conflicts. If you follow our species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based foods, you will never get malnourished and your will be fully able to detoxify from any environmental toxins (and the toxic load from your food will be minimal.) You will also be much more resilient to stress and mental trauma, as you mind will be much healthier. In other words, if you actually live as a human being, any kind of ailment will be extremely rare. The only thing you will experience for a few hours now and then is some minor detoxification symptoms from environmental toxins, as in the ‘common cold.’
So, this “the clock starts ticking at a young age” bullshit is simply yet another way they try to normalize sickness and poor health among the young population.

We need to be very aware of things that can be done to prevent the development of colon cancer,” Bilchik said, noting preventive strategies like regular physical activity and eating less processed food and red meat.”

You silly little boy! Humans are obligate hyper carnivores. We are made to consume raw meat, organ meats, blood, and the produce of animals, such as eggs. These are the only foods that pass slowly and naturally through our digestive system, as virtually all the nutrients are absorbed, only leaving about 5% remaining, resulting in minimal waste and poop.

Plant-based foods on the other hand are filled with antinutrients, defense chemicals, sugars, and undigestible fiber. Only about 50 to 60 % of such harmful foods are digested, leaving enormous amounts of waste that has to be pushed through the intestines at a hurried pace not to cause more damage than needed to get rid of it. This is why vegans shit several times a day and often has diarrhea, as their bodies are desperately trying to get rid of all the harmful waste from the unnatural toxic crap they put down their gullets. Insanity!
Then add all the chemicals from energy drinks and the like, all the pills and drugs that seem to creep down the ages as doctors invent more and more fictious “diseases,” the use of antibiotics, and the increased amounts of stress, which many people manifest as a “knot in the stomach.”

And this is exactly what is causing colon cancer. As it is simply the result of repeated damage to the colon, over and over again, as your body is desperately trying to reinforce and rebuild the intestinal walls — a process that is interrupted every time you eat something, and then restarted as soon as you are in a fasted state (sleep.) This ‘back and forth’ struggle will sooner or later result in tumor-like growths, resembling scar tissue. This process is then speed-up in weak bodies that cannot detoxify as toxins leak through the intestinal wall, and the poisoned tissue has to be incapsulated into real toxic tumors, as not to spread the toxins to more vital tissues, such as organs.

Considering how many children, teens, and young adults that live on solely processed plant-based foods, gulping down sugary beverages and energy drinks while popping pills described by their doctor, rising cases of damaged intestines and tumors in the colon, as in “colon cancer,” is hardly surprising.

For a more in-depth explanation of cancer, please read my articles “My Take on Cancer, Prevention, and Healing” and “Cancer is a Natural Survival Mechanism.”

Bilchik said another possible cause for increased colorectal cancer cases in younger people may be related to antibiotic use.”

At least you got that right. Then again, antibiotics is the perfect scapegoat as people are still forced to take them when they have really screwed up their physiology. It’s always easy to shift the focus to the things that will never go away, things that people have been deceived into believing are essential, no matter how useless and harmful they actually are. You should never take antibiotics, not unless you are really dying from screwing up bad.

It’s well known that our body has trillions of bacteria known as the microbiome and that these bacteria play an important role in the immune system and in preventing the development of colorectal cancer, as well as cardiovascular illness, he explained.”

We do not have an immune system, you stupid boy. The microbiome adapts to the food we consume, as that bacterium helps with breaking it down and extracting some of the nutrients, while transforming other compounds to bioavailable nutrients we can absorb and use. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Killing your microbiome with antibiotics is very stupid indeed.

Other bacteria in our bodies does similar things, as they consume and neutralized toxins, dead cells, and other waste. That is what you wrongfully call an “immune system.” It is the bacteria that assist in all healing and detoxification. Hence you will always find bacteria where there is healing going on. If you kill off bacteria, your ability to detox and heal will be severely compromised. Think about that the next time you take some retarded ‘remedy’ or ‘drug’ to kill bacteria or when you’re about to use idiotic hand sanitizers.

Bilchik added everyone should pay more attention to doing things that are anti-inflammatory rather than pro-inflammatory, which have been shown to promote cancer.
Inflammation has been associated with the development of colorectal cancer and all of the factors and all of the risk factors and lifestyle and what we eat can be considered pro-inflammatory, he detailed

How stupid is this guy, seriously? Inflammation is a symptom of healing. If you have damage to your colon, there will be localized inflammation as your body is desperately trying to heal that damage. So, of course, there will be a lot of inflammation if you have colon cancer, but the inflammation is not the causation, you silly little boy!
Anything “anti-inflammatory” is thus “anti-healing.” I’ve explained this many, many times.

You can only assist your body with the healing process by nourishing it with our species-specific foods (animal fat and animal protein) and then let it rest, as in stop eating all the frikkin’ time. Two or three meals a day is all you need and should have. No snacks! No idiotic 6 meals a day. Your last meal should also be at least 4 hours, preferable 6 hours, before bed time, to let you go to sleep in a fully fasted state for optimal healing and recovery.

Then they rounded off the article with more talk about statistics and that “it is not as bad” as the percentages say. Well, if people continue to eat and live as they do today, these numbers will only continue to climb, and it will be extremely bad in only a few more years.

Again, we had an atrocious article from Medical News Today filled with misinformation and lies, and while the subject is alarming, they also tried to normalize it. When the next generation grow up, due to all the programming, conditioning, and lies, they will believe that it’s normal to have diabetes and “cancer” diagnoses, and several sex-changes when you are 20-years old.
All these things were pretty much unheard of 40 years ago. It all started a generation after the food industry revolution and the introduction pf processed plant-based foods.

It’s obvious that the few of us who know better, who actually understand physiology, what is natural and what is human nature need to do everything we can to educate and spread the word. Every saved life matters.

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