A Quick Look at the Fitness & Bodybuilding Pseudo/Bro-Science, Week 44

If you’re new to me and my website, I worked daily in the Fitness-, Bodybuilding-, Gym-, and Competitive Sports industry for almost 22-years with nutrition, supplementation, and training — and was involved in it for a total of more than 26 years. Most of that time, I too was trapped in the pseudo-science of “nutrition science” and was fooled by the synthetic toxic crap of the pharmaceutical and supplement industry. My outlook and understanding took a sharp turn as I became severely ill in late 2017 with several tumors, liver and kidney damage and my thyroid shutting down. In a last effort I turned it around in a matter of a few weeks by adopting our natural species appropriate diet of the raw flesh and fat of animals and by following up with regular water-fasting combined with days of dry fasting. You can read more about that here:

My Journey – Why I do what I do…

This week I’m feeling nostalgic as I recently put up some old articles on this website from the time I was Editor-in-Chief for the Swedish Edition of Ironman Magazine and wrote a lot of the content (2001 and 2002.) Yes, that was 20-years ago. Where does the time go?

In other words, let us look at Ironman Magazine and some of their latest articles on ‘nutrition.’ The latest article is called, “Good Gut Health: 10 Tips To Help Lead You There.”

I’m not sure you need 10 tips for better gut health, but I’ll humor them. Let’s see what they got.

The article starts off with the statement that “80% of your immune system is in your gut.” Sorry, but we do not have an immune system. That is a fallacy of the debunked germ theory and virology. Pseudoscience at its worst. We do however have a detox, cleaning, and repair system, and I covered it all here:

No, we do not have an “Immune System”! Let us stop using that terminology!
The Immune System Fallacy and Fighting ‘Disease’ with Isolated Nutrients

Then they go on with describing gut flora, and they almost get it right. There are, of course, no ‘viruses,’ as they have never been proven to exist and are a theory of the debunked virology pseudoscience. However, we do have bacteria, fungi, and parasites. And they all help in keeping us healthy. In all simplicity, bacteria consume some toxins and damaged and dead cells and other debris, helping us getting rid of it. Fungi does the same job, but in more acidic environments where bacteria have trouble surviving, such as tumors, in organs and the gastrointestinal tract. And parasites consume heavy metals and similar toxins. A beautiful symbiosis.

I covered this in depth, and why you cannot treat “disease” with medicine, natural medicine, or any remedy, here:

More on Disease and Healing – And Why Most Medicines and “Natural” Remedies are Worthless

Now, their first point is to consume ‘probiotic foods or supplements.’ Any kind of supplement is not really a good idea as it will shift the natural balance of bacteria. The important thing to understand concerning your microbiome, or gut flora, is that it always adapts to the foods you consume. If you supplement with bacteria, you will get an imbalance, and it will affect nutrient absorption and other health factors, and most likely in a negative way.

Your gut flora will only be ‘compromised’ if you use idiotic anti-bacterial products, such hand sanitizing wipes, a lot of soap, or even worse, take antibiotics or penicillin (as these drugs will outright kill everything, very bad!)  

Then they go on with recommending fermented foods, which should be a part of any diet, as in fermented meat and organ meats, and the occasional glass/cup of kefir or yoghurt. You do not want to poison yourself with plant-based fermented crap high in damaging fibers.

They also mention to consume less sugar and refined foods. Well, I would say that you should not consume anything that is not species appropriate. So, no frikkin’ plant foods at all! Absolutely no fiber, as that is the most volatile shit you can expose our digestive system to. So, just ignore their next point about fiber. That is complete nonsense and very contraindicated. Actually, most of the remaining points in that article is just complete nonsense and very dangerous – as in recommending fruit and vegetables for humans that are obligate carnivores. Idiotic!

They do mention exercise and sleep. And while some exercise is good, sleep is very crucial. So yes, to conclude, this article was hit and miss. Mostly miss, sadly. But that is because they do not understand the simplicity of our species appropriate, species-specific diet and nutrition. Humans are carnivores. Our stomach acid and relative short intestines indicates that we are scavengers as well, and that rotten (fermented) meat has been a staple of our diet. And as for our gut flora, it adapts to what we eat. We should not supplement or cherry-pick foods in any futile attempt to try to ‘improve’ it. By consuming what we are made for, it will be as perfect as it can be. No need to worry about it at all. I covered our gut flora in this article:

Microbiome and Gut Bacteria Made Simple

Another recent article is called “Everything You Need to Know About Simple and Complex Carbs.”

Honestly, everything you need to know about carbohydrates is that it is toxic and that you should not consume it unless really, really necessary. But under no circumstance for extended periods of time. If you need the extra “fuel,” only consume it before and perhaps after your sport-specific training or exercise. Avoid them during the rest of the day and especially on rest days, so that your body can be in its natural ketogenic state.

Now, this article comes with a sub-header reading as, “Why Your Body Needs Carbohydrates?” and then they go on about “simple carbs” and “complex carbs” and insulin release. This does not matter at all! The same amount of insulin will be used to remove that toxic glucose from the bloodstream, no matter if it is released quickly for ‘simple carbs’ or slowly for ‘complex carbs.’ Actually, considering that elevated levels of glucose (blood sugar) is very toxic and damaging, carbohydrates that take a long time to break down and provides glucose for longer periods of time, as in “complex carbs” is more damaging.

If you consume such foods several times a day, as in pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, and such, you are really damaging your body and aging it rapidly.

I covered carbohydrates here:

Carbohydrates are NOT our body’s preferred fuel

Then they also go on about “processed carbohydrates” and how products with sugar are “empty calories” since there are so many missing nutrients that are removed in the processing of sugars. Well, there are not really any nutrients available in any kind of plant food. The vitamins are non-organic and the few available need to be converted, which is a very costly and ineffective process. Minerals are bound (trapped) to antinutrients and fiber, and they are also non-organic. So, to be honest, if you for some reason need some carbohydrates, the more processed the better. The processing removes damaging fiber, it removes most of the toxic defense chemicals and antinutrients. What you are left with is pure carbohydrates, sugar. And while that is toxic in itself, at least you do not add to that damage by getting all the other crap that are present in plant foods.

So, again, if you have to consume some carbohydrates, go with local harvested honey, fruits and berries, followed by refined/parboiled rice, white bread, pasta, and carbohydrate powders such as Vitargo or Maltodextrin.

Still, I would recommend to get all your nutrition and energy needs from animal-based foods only. It will be much healthier, and you’ll never run out of energy once you’re properly fat-adapted. It will also be much better for your hormone production, and especially your anabolic hormones.

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