Former Child Pop-Star Aaron Carter Dead by the Numbers – And the Bathtub Water Symbolism in the Age of Aquarius

Once again, we have another ritual sacrifice among the ‘diet-celebs’ and “musicians” in Aaron Carter, the younger brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. I never heard of him, but again, I do not meddle in Brain-Rot MK-Ultra music.

Allegedly he was found at 11 a.m. on Saturday morning, November 5th. Yes, 11 as in the Freemasonic Master Number. And symbolically, he was found in his bathtub – same as Whitney Houston. Not to mention that Aaron’s sister Leslie Carter died January 31, 2012, in the shower on a kill-date. The theme here is water, and we’ll get to that. As for the bathtub, we’ve seen that ritual hundreds of times with these celebs; in article photos to covers on magazines and even albums. They just love the symbolism of the bathtub and being “reborn,” cleansed of one’s sins. However, water is connected to rain and mankind’s desire for crops and cattle, as in sustaining life. As such, for the occult, this connects with the ancient Babylonians and their sacrifice of infants to Moloch for the purpose of providing rain. Thus, water, rain, showers, and bathtubs are symbolic for human sacrifice.

Another connection is to that of Wicca, a pagan satanic religion inspired by Aleister Crowley and developed by Gerald Gardner. In Wicca, the element of water is also represented with an inverted triangle and represents the subconscious. Remember, symbols are used to communicate to our subconscious. The occult, as in Freemasons and practitioners of Satanism believe that inverting images has a strong symbolic meaning, which is why you see them inverting crosses, pentagrams, and doing most things in reverse or upside down. They seek to reverse the power of the original intent on the symbol. As for the reference to Wicca; the inverted triangle of water is represented by the cardinal direction of West. The direction of North is the symbol for earth. This is why we see current series such as ‘West World’ where the last season took place at a dam of water, and we see actors on the world stage with the name of ‘Kanye West’ who had a child with Kim Kardashian with the name of ‘North West.’ It’s all a play, it’s all scripted. Remember the Q’tard explanation for COVAIDS-1984 with ‘Watch the Water?’ or all the inverted pyramid hand signs by celebs and puppets such as Trump? And that takes us to…

Water is also connected to the Satanic New Age movement, that of false enlightenment and “evolution of consciousness” – as in the “Age of Aquarius.” I described this false light, the Great Awakening in this article:

The World Stage Psy-Ops: The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening

The Age of Aquarius is represented by the water carrier or similar symbols of water, and it is a time period described as representing freedom, technology, and group consciousness. It is what the ruling elite has hijacked and is now promoting through transhumanism with puppets such as Elon Musk. We can already see this in motion by the advancements in AI, brain implants, and wireless connectivity. And the groundwork has been laid by all the futuristic sci-fi tv-series and movies programming us during the last 50-years with New Age socialist-communist ideals, synthesized foods and nourishments in pills, and technology such as implants and augmentation.

Going back to the bathtub, there is a ritual component to bathing in water as in the ‘final’ bath used to cleanse their soul from evil. In the Jewish tradition they participate in a ‘mikvah,’ as described “not for cleansing the body,” but rather for “purity of the soul” as it eliminates the monotony from monogamy.

So, was Aaron killed, or was his character killed? That is, as in being sacrificed, cleansed of his sins, and reborn into a new role on the world stage? Most likely the latter. That is how they operate.

As for the coding, this one is just over the top as most of these scripted stories are. Aaron allegedly died on November 5, as in 11/5, or 115. He supposedly died symbolically in a bathtub killing in a Freemasonic satanic ritual.

Died on 11/5 as in 115
Bathtub = 115
Lucifer = 115
Masonic = 115
Killing = 115
Freemasons = 115
Rest in Peace = 115

Aaron Carter was born on December 7, and he allegedly died on November 5, at a span of a very Freemasonic 33-days before his upcoming birthday.

Aaron Carter = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

He was 34-years old, the ‘murder’ number.

Murder = 34

But more importantly, and in the same cipher.

Masonic = 34
Killing = 34
Masonry = 34

The satanic inversion on 34 is 43.

Carter = 43
Bathtub = 43 (again!)
Lucifer = 43 (again!)
Masonic = 43 (again!)
Killing = 43 (again!)
Freemasons = 43 (again!)

And that is only scratching the most obvious surface. For a more complete decode, check Joseph Acquaviva’s video below:

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