STOP with ‘Watch the Water’ and the silly ‘Snake Venom’ already! Updated April 21!

Stop falling for every Freemasonic Psy-Op delivered from Controlled Opposition, especially that failed rapper prick Stew Peters (stew-pet -> stupid.)

Here are a few clues:

First of all, there never was a ‘new disease’ that originated in Wuhan, China. It does not matter if they say it came from bats, snakes or even a bio-laboratory. There is no such thing as a transmittable disease. This fact alone destroys any claims about ‘snake venom’ being the cause or even a possible cause, because there is no such thing as Covid or a ‘coronavirus.’

The “doctor,” Ardis, pushes dangerous drugs and useless supplements that he is selling through this documentary. He also seems to be a subscriber to the fake germ theory and transmittable diseases, going on about our “immune system” as he pushes these things and theories. We do not have an immune system. As I said, there is no such thing as a transmittable disease, there is nothing that attack us. Further reading on these topics:

He recommends the extremely dangerous and toxic Ivermectin. Read more about that here:
To Those Stupid Idiots Recommending Ivermectin!

For snake venom to kill you, it must be injected in your soft tissue or bloodstream. You can only use poison/toxins with an acidic-bound-carrier in drinking water. Snake venom will be broken down and will not affect you unless it gets into you blood through a wound/cut in your mouth or throat.
Now, if they have found a way to protect it from being broken down in our very acidic stomach, then you need to ask yourself how it will be absorbed in our intestines and if the poison actually can be carried into our bloodstream. After that, you need to ask yourself if that is a practical method of making a few people sick compared to thousands of other much easier ways, such as simply polluting some drinking water with metals and chemicals that are already present naturally.

Stew Peters is a Freemason and one of the biggest disinformation agents for the diet-woke gullible truthers. He feeds on ‘sensational’ and ‘over the top’ stories with a hook. This extreme nonsense of ‘watch the water’ is a perfect example.

The CIA-controlled ‘Q’ and their Jesuit puppet Donald Trump mentioned ‘watch the waters’ in 2020. They just love their riddles and to fool diet-woke truthers.
And snake venom is a nice little reference to the snake in the Garden of Eden. Further reading:
Donald Trump – The Jesuit Controlled Puppet
Being Diet Woke. Deep State and Q’Anon-bullshit

Watch the Water is also ’56’ in reduced gematria, the infamous pandemic hoax code of the Jesuit Order, aka., Society of Jesus.

More on Gematria – the importance of ‘56’ in 2020


Dr. Bryan Ardis = 191, 83
Society of Jesus = 191, 83 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Dr. Bryan Ardis = 62
Jesuit Order = 62

April 14 update:
Amandha Vollmer just did a good video about this, tearing all the nonsense apart:

Amandha’s second video:

April 19 update:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman posted a video on this:

April 21 update:
And Amandha did a third great video, going trough research papers and dismantling this idiotic lie:

And here’s a good article on the subject over at ViroLIEgy:

I really didn’t want to write this article. I was hopeful that people would easily see right through the unsubstantiated claims of Dr. Bryan Ardis that snake venom is the cause of “Covid.”

And we do of course have a large discussion about this at with much more information, including lists with hundreds of names of controlled opposition, shills, disinformation agents and gatekeepers.

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