Agents Posing as ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ – Alex Jones and Kanye West

Kanye West has been back in the headlines lately and is now trending as a subject on YouTube and other social media platforms for his ‘antisemitic’ posts and comments and alleged “truth bombs” – all while Alex Jones has been getting exposure on and off for years now due to the fake trial and the Sandy Hook Hoax.
Many are quick to jump on the bandwagon and root for these constructed personas, who seemingly look like they’re taking a beating by the system and from the media. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve already exposed and explained Alex Jones’ role in several articles, and Kanye West is no different.

It’s kind of backwards that some lukewarm truthers agree with the fact that the mainstream media is 100% controlled and that most ‘news’ are fabricated, yet they support these agents who get tons of exposure in said ‘mainstream media.’

As I wrote in my article about how the media is controlled and how it is controlling you, nothing gets exposure or goes ‘viral’ unless they want it to. Everything they write or talk about is controlled and serve their agenda. So, always ask yourself, “why is this story, or this person, getting exposure?”

Also, same said lukewarm truthers also agree that all celebrities are controlled satanic puppets, yet the listen to them and promote them the second they share some “secrets” about the industry, secrets that we already knew about and has been repeated as nauseum. Nothing new under the sun, yet people flock to them as they have been reborn in the light, or something.
So, Kanye West called the COVID-19 Vaccine “the Mark of the Beast.” Yeah, wow. We never heard that one before. And actually, it’s not. It’s conditioning for ‘the Mark of the Beast,’ as that is actually the Digital ID tied to the Social Credit Score System. That is all in Agenda 2030 and can be found at the UN and WEF websites.

So… No, sorry, it is all scripted. It’s the same infodemic script as they’ve been running for a very long time and really stepped up since the staged and fake plandemic. I’ve explained this with Q, the QAnons, and with crisis actors starting silly protests such as the ‘Birds Aren’t Real.’ These actors make claims that is rebuked by the media and their ‘experts,’ then they are deemed crazy and are charged with fines in fake trials, all while the sleeping masses’ programming is reinforced and the division between us is cut even deeper. These actors who get attention in the mainstream media has one purpose only — to make us all look bad or even crazy. Guilt by association.

— “What, do you think mass shootings are staged and fake? What are you, a right-wing extremist conspiracy terrorist?”

— “What, do you think the news are fake? What are you, a ‘bird denier?”

— “What, do you think the vaccine is a ‘tracking device?’ What are you, an antisemitic like Kanye West?”

Again, all these people like Alex Jones, Kanye West, Mike Cernovich, Edward Snowden, David Seeman, Tom McDonald, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., etc., who are getting exposure on the world stage by pretending to go against the narrative are nothing less than controlled opposition; disinformation agents with an agenda. They are either put there in hopes that you will let them take care of the problems that they deceive you into believing that they are bringing resolve towards – or they are put there to give you tiny bits of true information and a lot of false information that will make all of us look like idiots or even terrorists in the public eye.

In my earlier post about Alex Jones and the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, where the U.S. Government legalized staged and fake shootings, bombings, terrorist attacks, or whatever they like to be presented as real — I wrote that the burden of proof that these events are real was shifted to the Mainstream Media, and that is why we ‘autohoax.’ Alex Jones has been put here to ensure that the burden of proof remains on the “conspiracy theorist” and not on the Mainstream Media outlets. Read the full post here:

Puppet Alex Jones / Infowars Files for Bankruptcy to Legitimize the Propaganda Tool of Fake Shootings – and The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act 2012

“Whenever the people need a hero, we shall supply him.”
— Albert Pike, 33 Degree Freemason

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