Cancer is a Natural Survival Mechanism

The pseudo-scientific “germ-based” shill website Medical News Today recently posted another article on cancer, claiming that “early-stage cancer cells” hide from the “immune system.”
This is yet another made-up lie to add to the growing misinformation and fear propaganda about cancer – while trying to normalize it, as cancer is growing due to our bad modern lifestyle of stress, pollution, and toxic slave food.

And as most people should know by now, we do not have an “immune system.” There is nothing in nature that attack living beings. There are no such silly things as “germs” or “viruses,” hence there is nothing to fight against. We get sick from poisons, from the buildup of toxins, from mental trauma and similar stress. And as for cancer, I covered that in depth in my article, “My Take on Cancer, Prevention, and Healing.”

In short, cancer, as in forming tumors, are caused by prolonged toxemia and/or, prolonged abnormal levels of blood sugar, and/or by prolonged repeated mental trauma, as described in German New Medicine.

If their theories about evil germs and viruses where real, or that cancer is cells going rouge, growing uncontrollably and hurting you, life on this world would have ended long ago.
Instead of believing is such juvenile and silly boogeymen, simple logic thinking dictates that nature does not do anything to hurt itself. Any living organism will do everything it can to survive and multiply. It will do anything to overcome any dangers it’s thrown against.

So, with that in mind, let’s see what these charlatans claim this time.

Researchers are reporting that some early-stage cancer cells activate a gene that helps hide them from the body’s immune response.
Early-stage colon cancer cells use special strategies to evade the body’s natural immune responses to become larger tumors, according to a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.”

No, there’s no such thing as an “immune system.” And you cannot even observe “genes,” such claims are theories derived from experiments carried out with toxic in vitro cell samples.
Tumors, especially in the colon, are formed from either prolonged exposure to toxins due to consuming the wrong foods, as in plant-based and man-made fast-food garbage, and/or from continuous damage of cells due to the same reason, usually consuming too much fiber (humans should not consume fiber at all.)
If the reason is toxins, these toxins will be shielded off from other tissues by being incapsulated in mutated cells, as in tumors. If the reason is repeated injury to cells of the lining of the colon due to fiber that irritates and stick to the cells, the cells will be reinforced and proliferate to better withstand the ongoing damage. The same is true for mental traumas (biological conflicts) causing digestive problems as the same cell growth occur to better handle the perceived threat.

As these changes in cell structure are a desperate measure to better withstand the ongoing damage and to keep you alive, the body will not resist it, in other words, what the pseudo-science calls a “immune system” will not fight it.

These cell changes are simply adaptations to a hostile environment to keep you alive for as long as possible so you can escape it – so you can change the environment.

Now, if you escape it, if the situation changes, if you alter your diet to our natural species-appropriate diet of animal-based foods, if you remove plant-based foods with rancid oils, toxic defense chemicals, antinutrients, pesticides, carbohydrates, and fiber, or if your mental trauma is resolved, the reinforced and proliferated cell mass, as in the tumors, will no longer be needed as the immediate threat is over, and your body will slowly begin to break that tissue down (which can be accelerated by fasting.)

Again, this has nothing to do with your imaginary “immune system” suddenly realizing a threat that previously was “hidden” and now attacking it, which is a ridiculous thing to think. The forming and breakdown of tumors is simply a fully natural response to different circumstances in your environment, and extremely easy to grasp – unless you’re an indoctrinated idiot in a white coat calling yourself a “doctor” or a Big Pharma “scientist.”

They say that identifying this uptick in gene expression among cancer cells could lead to new pathways for early diagnosis and future treatment of colon cancer.
Identifying where the immune system falters in handling cancerous cells, therefore, is one of the most important areas of study for future cancer treatment and one of the targets of next-generation cancer drugs.”

And there’s the hidden agenda, what it’s all about, a new cover-theory for producing more totally useless but money-making drugs.
It should go without saying that any kind of drug or treatment based on this faulty thinking is, and will be, extremely dangerous.

With that being said, early and better discovery of cancer is a good thing, and might be the only thing these crockpots are good for. The sooner you learn that your body is trying to keep you alive due to your ignorant lifestyle choices, the sooner you can get a reality check and change your life, and the better the chance that it can be fully reversed and healed.

As for myself, my cancer and tumors were discovered in late 2017 as my organs were about to fail and I had become an empty shell of my old self and had trouble focusing and even speaking. Still, I managed to turn it around by adopting our natural species-appropriate diet (full raw carnivore) and then do a lot of fasting, especially dry fasting. Since then, I’ve helped many people to reverse their cancer with simply understanding human physiology and applying logical thinking and common sense.

Remember, nothing in nature, or in our biology, is “faulty” or “abnormal.”
Your body will never do anything that is “out of control” or do anything to hurt you. The truth is that your body will always do everything it can to survive, to make you live as long as possible, to give you every chance and opportunity to turn things around. It’s up to you if you recognize this amazing gift of extended time and take action, or if you do not.

Unfortunately, most people will not, because they have been indoctrinated and traumatized by fear by the media and the evil medical establishment (and I was there once too.)
So, please, stay openminded, apply logic and common sense, and try to change your lifestyle before surrendering to the medical field or whatever these charlatans try to subject you to so they can line their pockets. If you have cancer, change your diet and apply fasting. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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