Fear Mongering: Tuberculosis Cases on the Rise and More on Bacteria and Diseases

On March 29, 2024, Fox News published a piece of fear mongering on a detoxification/healing state that is called ‘Tuberculosis’ by the corrupt and fraudulent medical establishment. According to CDC, the overall cases of “Tuberculosis” increased from 8,320 in 2022 to 9,615 in 2023, an increase of 1,295 cases.

Also, according to their made-up pseudo-science, an estimated 85% of the people counted in 2023 were “infected” at least a year or two earlier and had what’s called latent TB, when the bacterium enters the body and “hibernates” in the lungs or other parts of the body. Experts estimate as many as 13 million Americans have latent TB and are not contagious.

This is of course complete and utter bollocks. As of now, anyone who is at least a little bit educated or has any sense of logic, should know that contagion, as in “infectious diseases” does not exist. This is simply yet more conditioning, that “diseases” are everywhere and that we can carry them around for years without knowing it. That we are walking ticking time-bombs. How ridiculous!

With that said, if you know what can cause “disease” and what bacteria actually do, you also know that they have been pretty smart when they invented this backwards inverted model of infection and disease.

You see, the fraudulent medical establishment claim that bacteria or “viruses” just enters some of your orifices and goes to war, or in this case, some bacteria invade you, gets bored and then just sits there dormant and do jack shit. And then, when your non-existing “immune system” suddenly takes a hit, these sneaky bacteria see their opportunity to strike and you get an “infection.”

Now, the half-truth here is that most bacteria that exist also exist within us, and “Mycobacterium tuberculosis” is no exception. To be more precise, most strains of bacteria exist within us, but bacteria can also ‘morph’ into another type of bacteria if needed. Bacteria is simply a garbage crew. They feed on toxins and dead cell debris, on anything that our bodies need to get rid of. Different strains live on different toxins and tissue debris. Bacteria work in perfect symbiosis with our physiology. Without them we would die. Without them all life would perish.

So, what happens when you get “sick” is usually that your body has reached a threshold of toxic buildup in a tissue, and now your body begins to break it down to get it expelled and out of your system. As this process begins, some tissue is broken down and toxins are released, and thus bacteria are drawn to that tissue, to that area of the body, where they multiply as there is a lot for them to consume, and then they do what they do; they break down and consume the toxins and the damaged tissue.

Now, the charlatans in whitecoats, calling themselves doctors, who has been indoctrinated with the backwards thinking of the fraudulent germ theory, they see symptoms of the healing process, which they label as “being sick” and they see a lot of bacteria, so they draw the ridiculous conclusion that the bacteria are to blame. And that is the sneaky and clever part of this pseudo-science. If you’ve been conditioned to think in a particular way, it all does seem reasonable. Heck, I was fooled too for the greater part of my life, as I worked in that field myself.

Tuberculosis from toxic buildup

As for Tuberculosis, there are two explanations that make sense and has been proven valid. The first is simply a toxic build-up in the lungs. Exactly what or how it happened, is individual as it comes down to the environment and lifestyle of that person, what he or she has been exposed to.

The most important thing is your nutritional status. If you get enough bioavailable nutrients and your body gets enough rest on a daily basis, then you can usually detoxify most of what you come in contact with during the day. However, if your diet is lacking and/or you are stressed and eat many meals, never letting your body rest, you will accumulate toxins and sooner or later your body will be forced to flush them all out or significant or even life-threatening damage would occur, hence you will become what the whitecoats calls being “sick,” which in truth is simply a healing response, a process of restoring your health.

And that brings us to the second explanation for tuberculosis, that of what has been observed in German New Medicine.

Tuberculosis from death-fright conflicts

In German New Medicine they have observed that Tubercular secretion is rich in protein, and if the healing phase is long and intense, a protein deficiency, as in a poor diet, could be fatal. Death, however, is not caused by the “Tuberculosis infection,” but rather by protein depletion, as in severe malnutrition (for that reason, tuberculosis was formerly called “consumption”.)

Now, this ‘death-fright’ conflict, when connected to the lungs, happens when someone is confronted with a life-threatening situation and he or she feel the urge to escape but are trapped, or cannot flee because of their circumstances.

The biological program that kicks in during the conflict-active phase upregulates the production of new lung alveoli cells, which will help the organism to produce more oxygen so he or she can better escape the life-threatening situation. Once the conflict has been resolved, the newly constructed emergency tissue is no longer needed, and is broken down, and that is done with the help of bacteria, in this case what they call “Mycobacterium tuberculosis.”

This is what happened during the “lung tuberculosis epidemic” of 1918/19 after millions of people had resolved the death-fright conflicts suffered during four years of World War I. The end of the war initiated a mass-healing, so-to-speak, resulting in what faulty was perceived as two pandemics (see also Spanish Flu.)

Due to the extreme poverty caused by the world economic crises that followed the First World War, those afflicted with tuberculosis did not get the protein-rich food needed for healing, as in sufficient animal-based foods, such as meat, organ meats or eggs. Only those who could afford adequate nutrition were able to survive. The poor had no chance. Historical reports about tuberculosis epidemics claim that tuberculosis disappeared after the social and sanitary conditions had improved. In reality, it was the recovery of the economy, more stability, less stress, and ensuing adequate nutrition that improved the situation.


So, to conclude, Tuberculosis is not caused by bacteria, it’s not a “disease.” Bacteria is what is present during the healing and recovery phase.

You can experience what is labelled as ‘Tuberculosis’ from either a toxic buildup in the lungs, especially if your diet is lacking in protein, as in animal-based foods, or you can experience it from resolving a long-due death-fright conflict – and again, if you’re malnourished, especially in protein, you might become really ill as your body lacks the resources to heal and restore the tissue.
However, if you are well-nourished and resolve the conflict, you might hardly notice it, it might only appear as mild cold-like symptoms.

Also, it should be noted, that recurring, as in relapsing death-fright conflicts, where the body continues to build-up more tissue in your lungs to help you escape your situation is one of the causes of what the medical establishment today call ‘lung cancer.’

To stay healthy, as always, you need to make sure that you eat as closely as possible to our natural human species-appropriate diet which is animal-based, as humans are obligate hyper carnivores. You also need to make sure that your body has the time and resources to detoxify, preferable by having your last meal no closer than 4 to 6 hours before bedtime, and/or doing some planned fasting for at least 48 to 72 hours a couple of times a year. And finally, take care of your psyche and work on any traumas you might have experienced. For more, check my archives and the related articles below.

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