Enjoy the Science: Germs/Bacteria, Essential to Life

It’s time to unlearn all the pseudoscience and lies you’ve been spoon-fed since pre-school. I studied western medicine for about 17 years and it only gave me more questions than answers and almost killed me. Then I found the Terrain Theory and finally everything made sense and I recovered my health in just a few months – and I’ve helped many clients regain theirs and to get rid of modern diseases. One very important bit to understand is that germs, or bacteria, are essential to a healthy life! We are literally walking bacterial infections, and if bacteria were bad, we would all be dead. Now, let’s examine what bacteria actually do.

Imagine an old wet cellar full of spores, mold, and other nasty toxic things. If you as a man or woman were to go in there and start cleaning by rubbing the ceiling, the walls and the floor, you would get all that toxic rubbish all over you. You would breathe it in to your lungs, you would get it in your eyes and on your skin. Without any kind of protection, it would be so toxic that you would die from it.
Now, imagine that you would send in a robot to do the cleaning instead. It’s mechanical, it’s not alive, so it cannot die from toxic exposure.
The first example is what the bacteria in your body does. The second example with the robot is what your body manufactures itself to clean out potentially life-threatening toxins when the bacteria fail to do so, that is what we call ‘exosomes’ or, wrongly, ‘viruses.’

This is very important to understand. Bacteria and microorganisms are your “repair/healing system,” they are living things and your first line of defense. We can only get sick from being poisoned, from toxic overload (toxemia,) from being stressed or from mental trauma, from nutrition deficiencies, and from other stressors such as radiation (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc.) that injure or break down our cells. Whenever this happens, our cleaning crew, the bacteria, will eat the poison/toxins, the failing cells and dead cells. Simply cleaning up the mess you’ve put yourself in.
Also, and this is important, a lot of the bacteria and microorganisms will die after cleaning up poison. This is why we get runny noses, coughs and produces phlegm. It’s a way to expel dead cells, dead bacteria and other waste (including the waste from the bacteria itself.) We also excrete toxins and waste products through our pores (which can cause skin conditions/rashes, blackheads, acne and dandruff,) through our breath (why it’s extremely dangerous to wear face masks,) and trough our feces.

If you do not have enough microorganism or bacteria, or if there is too much poison and damage, then our cells will manufacture a soap-like dissolving proteins and exosomes with repair materials to clean and repair. Unlike microorganisms and bacteria that are alive, these proteins and exosomes are not alive, they act like detergents and dissolvents. These are what Pasteur found in sick people and named “viruses.” He wrongly assumed they were the cause of sickness, while in reality they were the result and the body’s solution to sickness.
This also means that you can not get diseases from microorganisms, bacteria or from imaginary viruses. There is no transmittable diseases, no “contagion.” Exosomes, wrongfully called “viruses” are only produced within your own body (again, not actually viruses, it’s just an analogy.) These exosomes are specific for your current condition. They are not living and they cannot jump to another person. And even if they could be transmitted, or transferred by injection, they are programmed for you and your condition and another host would not recognize them and simply expel them.

While you cannot get a disease from bacteria, you can get sick if you get in contact with bacterial strains that you never been exposed to before. Or, if you get so much of a certain strain that your body gets overwhelmed. This is usually what happens when you go abroad on vacation or if you consume some unusual dish at a restaurant that contains a lot of bacteria you’re not accustomed to. This will upset the balance in your body and make you very sick, thus your body has no other option that to flush it out the rear end. Such sudden ‘stomach’ sickness, as in vomiting and/or diarrhea, could be from a poison you’re not used to, or it could be from bacteria that you never been exposed to, or from a bacterial ‘overload’.

That being said, you cannot get sick from bacteria from another person or from picking something up, because you most likely already have that bacteria and there is not enough of it to cause an ‘overload’ of a specific strain. It does not happen.
If you get a bacterial infection, it is because there is something in that area that needs to be cleaned out and it’s highly toxic, killing a lot of bacteria that are trying to clean it out. And if it is serious and the amounts of bacteria gets too large, it could pose a threat if the host is weak and/or malnourished. This is not the bacteria’s fault. It’s only doing its job as nature intended. But at times, in very sick and weak people, using something to kill off a little bit of bacteria can be necessary. But again, it’s not the bacteria that caused that illness, they are the result of it, trying to save your life. This is the beauty of nature. Everything is connected, everything works together. This is also where pleomorphism comes in, how bacteria can change from one form to another if needed. And bacteria can also be poisoned, which can start an infection. That however is another article.

In the next part we will look at what has gone wrong in today’s society. What we can and should do, and what we really, really should avoid if we want to be healthy. It will be a bit hardcore at times, but that is only to show you how far away we are- and how disconnected from nature we have become.

Part 2

In the first part we looked at the function of bacteria within our bodies, how they consume toxins to keep us healthy. In this part we will look at what has gone wrong in today’s society. What we can and should do, and what we really, really should avoid if we want to be healthy. It will be a bit hardcore at times, but that is only to show you how far away we are- and how disconnected from nature we have become.

Unless you keep yourself isolated in a clinically clean room for weeks, you will have a pretty diverse and healthy bacterial culture, and that will help you to stay healthy and fight off most things that could turn into a disease. The more people you meet and greet, the more time you spend outside or with animals, the better. And this is also where the idiocy of detergents, hand sanitizers, alcohol swabs and alcohol sterilization come in.
We as living beings are supposed to live in harmony with microorganisms and bacteria. We need to get exposed to them all day long. They feed on toxins that would otherwise kill us. Without them we would die instantly.

If you kill bacteria on your skin, or if you absorb these bacteria killing poisons through the skin or breathing it in, you will kill off life-promoting bacteria. Just the bad habit of washing hands frequently or showering/bathing every day will cause imbalance between bacteria strains and remove microorganisms vital for health. Being overly clean and afraid of “germs” and other “invisible” organisms is an extreme health hazard that has been programmed into many of us through evil money-making pseudoscience. Trying to be too clean will make you sick, it might even kill you. You only need to wash your hands if they are visible dirty and you’re afraid you’ll leave a stain on something you care about (like clothes or an instrument.) You do not need to wash hands before eating something, it’s much healthier if you don’t. The muddier and dirtier your hands are, the better.

I only specifically wash hands if I touched something that is very sick, because I don’t want those toxins in me. For example, a sick animal or a dog that only get kibble/dry food and not their natural diet of meat, organ meats and bones. Usually, you can smell it. A healthy dog never smells, a sick dog (usually from bad food) can smell quite a bit and a sick dog actually stink. The main reason for washing my hands in these scenarios though is that I don’t want my hands to stink if I need to have them close to may face, it’s just not pleasant.
Washing hands for me is simply getting rid of visible dirt. Sanitizing hands is getting rid of biota and that is very bad for your health. You should never use any bacteria killing agent on your skin (or on other things you touch.)

I should also mention that showering and bathing remove your body’s natural skin oil, which is very important for our skin health and also acts like a protection against the sun. And while you are in the sun, many of the beneficial chemicals are actually produced on your skin and then slowly absorbed. So, showering or bathing after tanning is very counterproductive. You also need adequate levels of vitamin A to be able to handle a lot of sun exposure, as it’s needed to repair the skin. Skin cancer is simply caused by nutrition deficiencies. When deficient in vitamin A you cannot recover from sun exposure and your body start to mutate cells to keep them from dying.

Growing up on a farm and spending a lot of time with older generations I never saw anyone washing their hands while eating out on the fields. We were often covered in dirt from top to bottom, working the fields, working with animals, cleaning out dung, and we only washed up in the evening before supper. They also didn’t care if the food was somewhat spoiled or moldy (which we will discuss later.) And guess what. Being sick or simply getting a cold was almost unheard of! Only those weak city-folks get sick, they used to humor me. All farmers I knew were the healthiest people around. Consuming a lot of animal-based foods and their own produce, always being dirty and still doing physical labor 10 to 12 hours a day or more. Then, once they retired and had to move into the city, adopted new unhealthy habits, some of them got sick for the first time in their life. While others who stayed true to most of their previous habits remained healthy until they died, even after “abusing” their bodies daily for 50 years or more.

We also see this healthy behavior of actually seeking out bacteria in small children and in all animals. Children will put everything in their mouth, they will lick on just about anything and eat a lot of dirt. They know instinctively that they need to get more bacteria – to expand and strengthen their “terrain,” just as dogs will seek out other dog’s poop if they need a certain strain of bacteria or to enrich their own diversity to improve health.

Do not be afraid of moldy food! The mold on food (white, green, bluish) is only predigesting the food. It’s not dangerous, it is beneficial. To be honest, there is no natural food in any stage you can’t eat. Keep in mind that humans are carnivores and scavengers by design. That is why fermented foods, and especially “high meat” (rotten meat) is so good for us – and it can be found in all of our cultures. It provides a ton of healthy beneficial bacteria. With that being said, if you’re not used to consuming these kinds of food, you need to start light or you will experience a heavy detoxification. A simple trick is to get some berries and just eat a few every day. After a week or so, there will be small signs of white mold on them. Just eat the same small amount every day, as there will be a little more mold for each day that passes. Simple progression. Do the same with cuts of meat or cuts of liver. Keep them in a glass jar. Take a few small bites every day until empty.

When people in indigenous cultures got poisoned and very sick and/or got diarrhea, they replenished their gut bacteria by eating other animal’s dung (mainly from herbivores.) Many tribes who have not been indoctrinated by western medicine still does this today. In nature, that is common sense. We, who have been indoctrinated with the false germ theory has completely lost touch with nature.

And guess what is best to wash yourself with? Yep, your own urine – or the urine of an animal as seen in many tribes. If you do not want to go that route, there is oils such as coconut oil (best choice,) olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and avocado oil to use when showering or bathing. These oils are only good as soaps, do not consume them as the fatty acids are very unstable and always rancid after being bottled a few days (only exception in that list being coconut oil, as that is saturated fat which is what our body craves – but it’s better to get them from animal foods.) Eggs are also very good for your hair and skin. And if you need a deodorant, then coconut oil and a pinch of bicarbonate or magnesium will do wonders. However, a healthy body does not stink. If your sweat/perspiration smell or stink, it’s due to toxins being expelled that bacteria and fungus feed on, which produces the smell, and if so, you need to take a look at your lifestyle and food choices (usually from consuming plant foods, carbohydrates/sugars and fiber – but could also be from toxic useless beauty products such as commercial deodorants, skin lotion, tooth paste, perfumes, etc., as they all contain a lot of chemicals and heavy metals.) And yeah, do your own toothpaste out of clay powder. You can mix it with a bit of water or with coconut oil. You can also add some sea salt and bicarbonate if you like. But the best protection for your teeth is to stay away from carbohydrates and fiber, as bacteria will feast on those and your enamel. If you follow our true natural diet and eat only animal-based foods, there is no reason to brush your teeth more than if something has got stuck. Brushing more than once a day or so will actually brush away our natural defenses for the teeth.

I have a ton more to write about this – about bacteria and about health and how to naturally work with your body and stay away from disease. These two parts were written in just a few hours from whatever came to my mind, See these two parts as a teaser on the subjects. Something to spur you on to your own research. I will release longer articles and books about this and much more later this year. Just follow me on any social media to keep up. Thank you for your interest and for reading!

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