No, Monkeypox Does NOT Come from the Deadly Covid-19 Vaccine — But detox symptoms might

Once again, I see diet-woke truthers jumping on anything put out by controlled opposition that is ‘anti-vaccine’ without any kind of rational or logical thinking behind sharing such nonsense. While ALL vaccines are useless, dangerous, and nonsensical, there still is no such thing as a virus!

Retarded images like these circulate social media.

Yes, vaccine makers such as AstraZeneca claims that they use another virus, of the Chimpanzee-adenovirus family, that has been modified to contain the gene for making a protein from SARS-CoV-2. That is still complete pseudo-science nonsense. No virus has ever been isolated and DNA is speculative science, as we don’t even know what a living cell looks like. All this branch of medical “science” has to work with are images of poisoned, starved, frozen and completely dead and broken-down cell debris. Yes, do your homework! Pictures of cells from electron microscopes are nothing more than cellular debris. What the images represent and how it functions are based purely on speculation and assumptions! They identify nothing! So, all that AstraZeneca has is a cell culture of dead stuff from a chimpanzee while trying to make something that is completely based on fake and fraudulent ‘science.’
A vaccine is nothing more than a cocktail of toxins with a theoretical implementation on a theoretical idea of biology based purely on fake and speculative pseudo-science.

While these vaccines are extremely toxic and cause a spike in globulins, what pseudo-scientists call “antibodies,” when injected, as the body will try to expel these toxins and repair the damage they cause on the cells, these vaccines cannot give you a virus, as viruses does not exist! There is no monkeypox, smallpox, HIV or AIDS or any other virus-induced disease. That is complete nonsense!
With that being said, once you start detoxifying from a vaccine shot, you might detoxify some of the toxins through the skin, giving the illusion of what they call ‘monkeypox.’ In other words, they will use this made-up nonsense of a “monkeypox virus” as a cover for those detoxifying through the skin after receiving the maiming Covid vaccines.

So, what they can do with a vaccine is poison you and/or deliver nanotechnology that might target parts of your body. In other words, you cannot get an imaginary disease such as Covid or Monkeypox, (that is based on the virus lie,) from a vaccine. With that being said, it’s absolutely possible to poison you with whatever actually causes the symptoms they call ‘monkeypox,’ as blisters on the skin is from your body trying to detox some kind of poison through your skin. However, if that were the case with a few selected batches, it still has nothing to do with imaginary viruses. So, please stop using that word. Every time you mention the word ‘virus’ without debunking it, you reinforce the lie amongst the sleeping masses – and make it harder to wake them up. But every time you expose the virus lie, that transmittable diseases does not exist, you plant a little seed that eventually will start to grow.

The only connection between the vaccines with alleged non-existing chimpanzee-adeno viruses and the fake monkeypox outbreak is pure mockery, as this has been planned for ages. They’re having a laugh while using this fake outbreak as another excuse to strengthen their stance on giving WHO the power to implement their policies on any country whenever there is an ‘health crisis,’ such as another staged outbreak of imaginary viruses.
Sweden never had any real lockdowns because Sweden lack in both police and military force. However, Sweden has now applied for membership in NATO, so guess what will happen next time…

Again, we must fight the virus lie. It’s the most important lie to expose – or they will continue with this fakery forever until Orwell’s 1984 seems like paradise in comparison. Any “truther” who is not on top of this virus and contagion lie is either a shill, controlled opposition, or stupid as a bag of rocks. None of those characteristics make them worth following. Either call them out or ignore them.

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