Mis/Disinformation and Misunderstandings That Need to Die in 2022

1. Misunderstanding: Food is Medicine
“Medicine” indicates that there is something “nonsurgical” to treat or cure that the body would not be able to fix itself. However, there are no ‘diseases’ in nature. Only poisoning and effects of toxicity or trauma. And as far as food is concerned, only malnutrition. Food is sustenance to make sure our body can work as intended. Food in itself does not treat or cure anything; but it is necessary for the body to heal and repair – or to be able to ‘overcome’ “sickness,” but that is a process of the body, not of the food. And only our species appropriate diet of animals and their produce will ensure that we do not have any nutrient deficiencies, which would hamper that process.
Food can therefore not be “medicine.” Food can only ensure an optimal environment for our body to function, heal, and repair.
Also, using the word “medicine” only reinforces the lie of transmittable diseases and that you need some kind of potion, mixture, or drug to treat it, which is complete nonsense.
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2. Disinformation: Diseases are Contagious
The biggest and the most profitable scam in our history is the false germ theory, the ludicrous idea that you can catch an illness such as a cold or the flu. Because of this medical fraud, you are told that symptoms such as a sore throat, a cough, a headache, chills or fever are symptoms that you are sick with the flu (or now, the imaginary Covid.)
However, the “flu” or a “cold” is simply made-up labels for symptoms from our natural detoxifying process which occur when our body is getting rid of toxins that we have accumulated and that is now beginning to be a threat to our health. In other words, these symptoms, or the so-called “flu,” is nature’s way of restoring health. You are not sick with the “flu,” you are experiencing symptoms from what your body is getting rid of in order to restore health.
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3. Misinformation: We Have an Immune System
The idea that we have an “immune system” comes from the faulty germ theory. The ‘germ theory’ is all about instilling you with fear from an invisible enemy. They paint the picture of war. You are being attacked by something invisible and sinister, and the only way to combat this imaginary ‘threat’ is by medicine such as antibiotics, vaccines or other totally useless and highly toxic crap.
Now, we know that the only things that can make us sick are nutrition deficiencies, poison, toxins, EMF and similar radiation exposure, pharmaceuticals/drugs, poor sleep, and negative emotions such as anger, perpetual fear, and unresolved trauma.
This means that we do not have an “Immune System.” There is nothing to fight, nothing to build immunity for. As long as you believe in this lie, you will be programmed to think that your body can be invaded by invisible foes in form of germs or viruses – and that you need a deadly jab to build “immunity.”
So, instead, let’s call it for what it is – a natural cleansing or detoxifying ability. That is all it is.
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4. Misinformation: We Have Antibodies That Fight Disease
As I explained above, we do not have an “Immune System,” so the next logical conclusion is that we do not have any kind of “antibodies.”
What is actually happening is that when a body get poisoned, that poison tear holes in cells. The body’s reaction when cells break down is to form globulins, small protein bodies that act as sealing substances. These immediately expand in acidic environments, saving the cell from destruction. And yes, these sealing substances is what the pseudoscience of the Rockefeller Modern Medicine call “antibodies.” In other words, when you are “sick,” as in when your body removes toxins and try to heal cells, there is not a rise in “antibodies” attacking something, but a rise in globulins trying to repair damage. Same is true if you’re gullible and get a vaccine injected into you for no reason at all. The globulins are there to repair and heal the damage from the shot, it has absolutely nothing to do with increasing “antibodies” and “immunity” against something that does not exist. Instead, there is a rise in globulins to repair the damage you have done.
As long as people keep using the term “Immune System” or “antibodies,” we are still getting programmed with the idea of fighting something that is attacking us. We still get programmed with the idea of “immunity” and “anti”-this “anti”-that. So, please, stop using these terms. Instead say, “my natural cleaning ability will keep me healthy and keep me from getting sick.”
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5. Disinformation: Viruses Exist or are Made in Labs
No virus has ever been isolated, photographed or proven to exist. It’s all theory and speculation based on the fraudulent germ theory and virology that have been debunked countless of times. We have bacteria/microbes that consume toxins and damaged or dead cells. If they can’t keep up, toxins might get over the threshold in a certain part of our body, poisoning the bacteria and making it sick, which will cause an “infection.” If this happens, our cells that has been poisoned produce endosomes that will find and encapsulate these toxins. As they leave the cell carrying toxins, they are called exosomes. Then they enter the bloodstream so we can flush them out. This was what Pasteur found and thought was making us sick and named a “virus.” This is also what happens during what the fraudulent Medical Establishment calls a “flu” (a seasonal natural detoxification process.) In reality, there was nothing “infecting” us. It was our natural cleaning and detoxification process taking care of toxicity and faulty bacteria by flushing them out (coughing, snoring and sweating from fever.)
Since viruses are an impossibility in nature and only something made up by misguided and misanthropic fools, there are of course no man-made viruses. No imaginary virus bioweapons. It’s all lies to keep a multi-billion industry rolling and to keep people weak, sick, and complacent by withholding them the truth.
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6. Disinformation: Viruses Exist Because of Computer Models and Patents
All computer models and patents of viruses stems from the fraudulent pseudoscience of virology and from speculation – how they think a virus would look like. In other words, all ‘patents’ of viruses are simply computer models and fabrications of the mind, and a way to try to legitimize the belief that viruses exist.

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