The Emperor Has No Corona

Again, no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist. It is all a big lie. The emperor has no Corona!

All viruses are simply ‘in silico science’, that is, they are made-up models. Back in the day, they were drawings, now they are computer models. As for Covid-19, it’s simply a silly computer-generated model with no basis in reality. If you do not understand this simple concept, you have a lot of studying to do. They have never been able to isolate a virus, since it does not exist. Heck, even the procedure to take electron microscope images of any biological matter, such as cells are invalid, a pseudoscience. Nothing can be viewed in a microscope whilst alive, it has to be dead! In order to view a cell, they slice the tissue, add solvents, add heavy metals, freeze it, dry it (so the vacuum in the microscope doesn’t evaporate it) and then use extreme light to look at it. The beam of an electron microscope will generate a temperature of the sample up to 150°C (302F)! Do you really believe the cell in such a pile of toxic environment and after that treatment will look the same as when it was living and part of a tissue? Of course not! They know this, and every book ever describing a “cell”, its parts and function, is simply speculation and theories from such distorted images.

The procedure of isolating a “virus” is way, way, worse and even much more unscientific. They take a sample where they assume there is a virus present and they cannot verify this, it’s pure assumption. They do a cell culture with adding various foreign genetic material, toxic agents, and where they starve the cells in order to prove that a “virus” exists despite the fact that cells would get damaged and die in such an environment no matter if there was an imaginary boogeyman or not. It’s pseudoscience at its worst!

And yes, this also means that mRNA and DNA is also only theoretical models — pure speculation. All we know is that life can grow from one cell at conception and that we tend to look like our parents. So, yes there is something “genetic” at work. But we have no photographs, no proof at all of how this “genetic” part look like. All that are pure speculation and illustrative images to support that theory. This is how most of our science works! Once you start to dig and question the narratives, you’ll find that all it is are based on theories! All from DNA strains to the ‘map’ of our cells. Only pure speculation.

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