What do you believe? The MORONa-virus

Have you studied the history of modern medicine? How Pasteur lied and manufactured false evidence of the germ theory and how one of the thirteen ruling bloodlines of Rockefeller ran with the idea and founded modern medicine? Have you looked into the germ theory and the healthy terrain? Or psychoneuroimmunology, physiology, the biome, pathogens, somatid’s (or microzyma’s), pleomorphism, chemistry, and mycotoxins? And what about sickness and secondary sickness?

If you have an understanding of these fields and concepts, then riddle me this… What exactly are ‘pathogenic viruses?’ And if you don’t, then what do you believe, and why?

  • A). A tiny little non-living (as in dead) organism that’s never been isolated, biochemically analyzed, or measured (but makes cool rendered CGI); that has no DNA or nucleus (unlike anything else found in nature), but can still operate and function in such a capacity, that it through some kind of magic, knows how to replicate a host’s DNA and take on a life of its own and reproduce, making the host very sick in the process. What a fortuitous phenomenon for the medical establishment that something that unlikely could exist and allow them to make billions of dollars every year from medicines and vaccines.
  • B). Tiny residues from cells, globulins (sealing proteins) and bacteria from a natural detoxification process – simply debris that are left behind during a struggle to clean out toxins and heavy metals. This would also explain why there is not a single footage or video of a living moving virus.
    Since this kind of debris was not found in healthy people, but only in the sick or recovering, scientists draw the conclusion, more than 70 years ago with the help of the first electron microscope, that it was the cause of the sickness – a boogey man – and not a result of sickness. This germ and virus theory were very profitable and immediately sponsored and held in high regard by pharmaceutical companies and the Rockefeller founded medical establishment, and no matter how many times it was debunked through history, it’s still what is being touted today – because money and power talks and get what it wants.

I will not tell you what to believe. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. If you’d like to actually do some research, I’d recommend that you start at the beginning with the germ theory and the healthy terrain theory, i.e. Louis Pasteur vs. Antoine Béchamp and Claude Bernard. Then look into the work of Rudolph Virchow, Ethel Douglas Hume, Roy Rife, Gaston Naessens, Gunter Enderlein, Stefan Lanka, and Robert & Shelly Young. Finally, look into Dr Stefan Lanka and the ‘measles virus’ and the fact that there is not a single scientific study in the world that can prove the existence of the virus (as settled in the German Federal Supreme Court).
Have fun! A new world may actually open up in front of your eyes.

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