J&J LIE about their Boosters in more Brainwashing Propaganda – And a Lesson in Disease

The clowns of the pseudoscience known as ‘modern medicine’ continues with their lies and deceit. This time it’s Johnson & Johnson claiming that their booster shot prompts large increase in immune response.

Well, first of all you degenerate puppets, we do not have an “immune system”. An “immune system”, as defined by your pseudoscience, requires an outside and invisible attacker. That is fantasy that goes against biology and has been debunked thousands of times throughout history. There is no contagion!
What we have is a ‘cleaning system’ consisting of microbes and bacteria. They are our garbage men, cleaning out waste and toxins. And if you are heavily poisoned or really toxic, to such a degree that the bacteria get sick and die, your body will release a protein solvent called an exosome to clean it all up. And yes, the residues left behind is what Pasteur found in sick people and wrongfully thought was the cause of the disease, and he called them viruses. A stupid mistake that he acknowledged during his last 10 years alive, but by then it was to late, the evil Rockefellers saw enormous potential in this false theory and they ran with it, creating Western Modern Medicine.

The same is true with the nonsense about “antibodies”. There is no such thing as “antibodies” as the fraudulent ‘modern medicine’ claims. What is actually happening is that when a body get poisoned, that poison tear holes in cells. The body’s reaction when cells break down is to form globulins, small protein bodies that act as sealing substances. These immediately expand in acidic environments, saving the cell from destruction. And yes, these sealing substances is what the pseudoscience call “antibodies”. Insert face-palm here.
For the sleeping masses, who has been programmed through school and media to believe in false authoritative figures in white coats and suits, this is sacred dogma. However, we who have a higher intellect and can think outside of the box, we who observe nature, biology, and microbiology, we know better! It is all about the terrain!

So no, J&J, we do not get fooled by your lies any longer. And since we all know it is lies, propaganda and deceit, let’s see how the Jesuit-media coded this piece of garbage “news” using Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

This story did, of course, break on a day with ‘56’ numerology, the infamous number for this fake pandemic and virus scripted ‘reality’.
August 25, 2021 = 8/25/2021 = 8+2+5+20+21 = 56

A short list of ‘56’ references:
Coronavirus: 56
Corona Covid: 56
Covid Vaccine: 56
Virus Outbreak: 56
Wuhan Corona: 56
Corona Pandemic: 56 (Chaldean)
Corona Covid-19: 56 (Chaldean)
Novel Coronavirus: 56 (Septenary)
A Viral Psy-Ops: 56
Pandemic Plot: 56
Planned Virus: 56
Scamdemic: 56
Staged: 56
Society of Jesus: 56
Fear Controls: 56
Mind Control: 56
Quiet Wars: 56

August 25 can also be written as 25/8 = 258

Number of the Beast: 258 (always coded in these vaccine stories)
Covid Nineteen Shot: 258 (one of the keywords and the subject of the story)
Order of the Illuminati: 258 (what the 13 families called themselves, the ones who infiltrated Freemasonry and turned it into a secret society)
Psychological Operation: 258 (what this all is, all fake, all about programming)
Vaccination Kills: 258 (Revelation of the Method, to preserve their karma)
William Henry Gates: 258 (there he is again, that old serpent (see yesterday’s post).

258 is an important ritualistic number for Bill Gates, as his alliance with the murderous GAVI was established on his 258th day of his age, and his dad was ritualistically killed on the 258th day of 2020 (September 14).

As I mentioned in my post yesterday about the fake vaccination statistics, the Number of the Beast is one of their goals, as in Agenda 2030, to make everyone wear a microchip implant so they have full control over you, your assets and your whereabouts 24/7. That is why the Number of the Beast is so tightly coded in every vaccine story, because the vaccine contains nano technology and they condition you by using vaccine cards and vaccine passports, which will be followed by required digital ID’s and then the microchip. Once the microchip becomes widespread, the sleeping dumbed-down sheep will be so tired of showing cards and ID’s so they will welcome a chip that can be read with just walking by a security gate… it’s all predictive programming and conditioning.

As for the ‘word magic’ of the story, this is how it connects:

Johnson & Johnson: 188, 62 (villains of the story)
Vaccinated: 188, 62 (exact same ciphers, and what it is about)
Corona Covid-19: 188 (what this is about, the fake virus)
Bavarian Illuminati: 188 (order created by the Jesuits, most likely has members in the board of J&J)
Ordo ab Chao: 188 (their motto, out of chaos comes order)
Sun God Worship: 188 (what the Jesuits and all secret societies worship)
Covid-19 Virus: 62 (what this is about, the fake virus)
Germ Theory: 62 (the false theory that Rockefeller used to invent ‘modern medicine’)
Great Reset: 62 (keyword in Agenda 2030, simply ‘New World Order’)
Sterilized: 62 (what you will be after this ‘booster’ shot)
The Jesuits: 62 (the ones writing the script)

Coronavirus Pandemic: 293 = 62nd Prime.

As you can see, ‘Johnson & Johnson’ is cleverly coded to match the illusion of viruses and the ‘need’ of vaccines. They do not name their evil corporations by chance; everything is thoroughly planned.

August 25, 2021 also has a numerology of 74, the number of God in Jewish Gematria (8+25+20+21 = 74)
This is of course pure mockery as the vaccines are made to make the recipient transhuman – no longer human, no longer a creation of God.

August 25, 2021 = 8/25/2021 = 8+2+5+2+0+2+1 = 20

J&J: 20 (why the went with a Johnson & Johnson story on this date)
Covid-19 vaccination Card: 200 = 20 (‘ID card’ as in the Number of the Beast)
Georgia Guidestones: 200 = 20 (all about depopulation and a ‘sustainable’ population)
It’s all a Fraud: 200 = 20 (Revelation of the Method, to preserve their karma)
The Great Reset: 200 = 20 (again, what they are trying to achieve)

They also claimed they had a “study” of 2,000 or so people. 2,000 can be broken down to 20. We all know there was no study or trial, it’s just made up, so they picked 2,000 as it matched the date of the release of the story.
On August 25, there is also 128 days remaining in the year, 128 in Octal is 200, which can be written as 20.
128 is also 80 in Hex, which in the Reverse Ciphers matches up with ‘Johnson & Johnson’ and ‘Vaccinated’.

August 25 = 8/25 = 8+25 = 33
Of course, a Freemasonic reference in the date of their choice. What else is 33?

Vaccinated: 33 (Chaldean) (the theme of the story – get vaccinated)
Antibodies: 33 (Chaldean) (fitting considering the fake story)
One-Shot: 33 (what they say about this new ‘booster’ jab)

Also, for the coding:

Johnson & Johnson: 64
Antibodies: 64

J&J: 16
“The frontline immune system defense”: 160 = 16

“Frontline immune system defense”: 148
Immune System: 148, 50
Infection: 148, 50

As you can see, ‘immune system’ is a double match with ‘infection’ as these two are supposed to be linked, and they also match with the cumbersome phrase “frontline immune system defense” used in the story.

The story also claims, “People who received a booster six to eight months after their initial J&J shots saw antibodies increase nine-fold higher than 28 days after the first shot, Johnson & Johnson said.”

Six to eight, as in 68…
Johnson & Johnson: 680 = 68 (in the Satanic cipher, fittingly)
Corona Pandemic: 68 (keyword again)
Covid Nineteen: 68 (keyword, yet again)
Jab: 68 (another keyword, and what the story is about)
mRNA Vaccine: 68 (another keyword, and what the story is about)
Vaccinating: 68 (another keyword, and what the story is about)
Blood Clotting: 68 (the most common effect of the shots)
Sterilizing: 68 (one of the ‘hidden’ effects of the shots)
No Human Rights: 68 (the transhuman who has taken the shot)
One Government: 68 (one of the goals with the fake pandemic, Agenda 2030)

And “nine-fold” and “28 days”. Is that a hint to 9/28, September 28?
Well, a quick search for “September 28, 2021” gave me the release date of Amazon’s upcoming MMO game called “New World”. How fitting with their agenda… It’s also a match with ‘vaccine’ and ‘Johnson & Johnson’. And funny enough, the game ‘Chernobylite’ has been delayed to 9/28 on the Xbox and PS4. Chernobylite just so happens to match ‘Vaccinated’ on two ciphers… keep in mind, entertainment such as video games are used for predictive programming and conditioning.
Also, the Construction KSA Summit will start on 9/28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is 119 (or 9/11) in the reverse Reduction ciphers. Fitting with construction and a hint to 9/11, which we have seen all over 2021.

Keep in mind that many of their public events and stories, which are small rituals in themselves, are also very often a sub-part of a greater overarching grand ritual.
Thereof all the hints to 9/11 and other key-numbers and keywords.

There is much more to decode, but it should be obvious that this is just another made up story to fit the narrative and push the propaganda. Everything they tell you are lies!

Learn the truth about antibodies:

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