WHO Says Non-Existent Covid-19 is No Longer a “Global” Health Emergency – And the Infodemic Agenda (AI Chatbots and AI Images/Deep Fake)

Well, it never was an emergency to begin with, as Covid-19 was never isolated or proven to exist outside of silly computer-generated models and images – just as every virus ever claimed by the fraudulent pseudo-science of virology.
Remember, no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist. As of today, more than 215 health/science institutions in 40 countries have failed to provide one single evidence of a virus isolation by anyone, anywhere.

While more and more people have seen through the scam that was the staged coronavirus pandemic, not as many has yet seen through the extremely obvious virus and disease scam. And that is why it remains as one of the most important issues of today, as everything in “Health Care” and evil ‘Big Pharma’ is based upon these lies and people get hurt and killed daily because of it.

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With that being said, the fake pandemic was a big step in conditioning towards separating people, accepting being locked down, isolated, and under surveillance, accepting digital identification, and much more. They have now continued on this path with the public release of tools for AI-generated images, deep-fake videos, and AI-chatbots. Technology they have used within the media, TV, and movies for 30+ years to shape our fake reality (especially the staged and fake war in Ukraine.) Of course, this evil technology was welcomed by the sheep as they have been self-isolated and lonely during the fake pandemic and love the idea to have a fake AI friend. While baby-truthers think that this is to collect information and introduce ‘politically correct’ and censored information, as these bots are programmed to present only approved propaganda, that is only scratching the surface. The bigger picture is that of the infodemic, the war on information, as in “war on misinformation.”

What they want is to blur the lines of reality and ultimately make people beg for a solution. As everyone now has access to this technology, everyone is a potential terrorist, a potential enemy of the public, a potential disinformation agent. As deep fake images and videos saturate the internet, you will never know what is real or who said what. Advanced AI-bots will pretend to be humans and will flood social media with AI-controlled accounts, interacting as ‘humans.’
The next step, as they get more advanced, will be impersonations of just about anyone. At first, you will not be able to know if you actually are writing or talking to a real human or not. At the next stage, you can not be sure if it is your friend or family member that you are writing to or talking to on the phone, or if it is someone or something pretending and impersonating. AI will become so efficient at real-time deep-fake video and synthesized speech that it will drown out reality. Of course, this was the idea all along and their solution will be a biometric Digital Identification verification coded to your physiology, a ‘fool-proof’ way to verify that you are a human being and not an AI controlled by a terrorist. Pretty much the same system as in ‘verified’ accounts on social media today. This will ultimately be implemented through microchips or digital tattoos, and it will be required to access the internet, to access a bank, to access public transportation, stores, or anything, including your own home and lock the door.
This kind of Digital ID will of course mean that you are tracked 24/7 and everything you do and own will be connected to it. It will be the ultimate slave collar.

That solution will put an end to anonymity, and what they deem as misinformation and disinformation, as this Digital ID will be connected to everything you do, as a digital fingerprint. It will be connected to a social credit score system and if you post or do anything that is not within their acceptable politically correct universe, you will be punished with the withdrawal of social points and thus restricted in how you can interact with society. This will be their ultimate tool of control. This is their utopia of zero crime, as often presented and visioned in old Science Fiction series and movies such as Star Trek.

These ‘solutions’ were presented a long time ago in their Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050. And we who can see noticed their ‘problem and solution’ strategy of the infodemic as they staged the fake pandemic.

As for the WHO announcing that Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency the day before the ‘coronation’ of Charles III is of course pure mockery and deeply scripted and coded. I do not really have time to go into that today, but we do have threads on it at Ungovernable.se. Also, if I find some good decodes, I’ll add them to the website.

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