Covid-19 Restrictions Dropping World-Wide as Year of the Tiger Gets Underway

On September 20, the Jesuit puppet Bill Gates said that the staged and fake coronavirus pandemic would be with us until 2022. Then on December 7, Bill made the prediction that the “acute phase” would end in early 2022. This ‘prediction’ was connected, just as the start of the pandemic that originated in China, to the Year of the Tiger. And here we are, just a few days into the new Chinese Year that begun on February 1st, and restrictions are dropping in several countries all over the world.

Yes, many countries are now dropping restrictions with one little caveat, the vaccine IDs remain. You still need to show proof of being a gullible idiot to access certain areas and buildings. And that was one of the main goals with the staged and faked pandemic to begin with. To condition the sleeping sheep with the idea of Digital IDs, i.e., the Mark of the Beast. To become full-fledged tagged slaves that cannot do anything unless you show your mark and that you are an obedient little sheep to your masters.

A quick search on the internet will show you that most countries have Digital ID-projects rolling and that the roadmap indicate that they will soon be ready for full implementation. That is the second step that ultimately will lead to microchip implants and/or micro-needle patches with Quantum Dot nano-technology that can be scanned by a smart phone or similar device. Stuff they have been working on since 2017.

All of which I covered here a few months back:

As Predicted – Microchip Implants are Coming – Mark of the Beast, and a Note About Quantum Dots

And do not think that the staged and fake pandemic is over. This warfare of opening up and then closing down again has been going on since they started. The same tactic used in all media reports where they contradict themselves daily. First the fake vaccine is to protect you from getting an imaginary disease, then the next day it only makes you get “less” sick. Before that it would stop the spreading, the next day those vaccinated can still spread it. All complete bullshit of course. It’s psychological warfare. Same with restrictions and wearing a diaper across your face. This going back and forth make people passive, it drains them mentally. It makes them stop thinking or questioning. It makes the sheep even more sheepish.

So, yes. They will make up another variant this spring. They will keep it going. The conditioning and programming must continue. And it’s also a cover for the looming economic collapse. Not to mention that they have a lot more severe agendas planned for humanity in order to reach their goal as described in Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050. A One World Government, Smart Cities, Digital IDs and Microchipping, 24/7 surveillance, Depopulation, Selected breeding, and much more.

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